Brayin Candy

Put a Stake in it

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed,… Luke 4:18

It is time to take off the gloves and beat Obamacare like the Frankenstein it is. It is by far the worst legislation to ever come out of the District of Corruption and that is mouthful. This piece of Pelosi takes away all your freedoms from cradle to grave under the guise of saving the community money for the common good. If anybody goes out and buys an unsanctioned food or product they will be scrutinized by the authorities as not helping the plan and adding expense to the program. You now owe your soul to the community store.

It is time for the GOP to go on offense and talk about nothing but Obamacare and everything wrong with it. They can begin with the fact it is being instituted by who is a favored group of the Inner Circle and who is not. Democrats are allowed exemptions from this monstrosity while Repubs and those outside their Inner Circle are not. Families who are not exempted will lose their chosen plans and will be forced to purchase only the most expensive programs. There will no longer be individual choice if you want a high deductable or to drop certain benefits you don’t want, you must own the most expensive plan. We are seeing the results of this freedom sucking disaster with corporations cutting hours to avoid fulltime mandated healthcare. How does that help the working class?

Repubs need to point out the program is going to be a major intrusion into your life as 16,000 additional IRS agents are ready to monitor and audit your personal life. These gummit jackboots are going to enforce and fine anyone who is found not to possess the proper insurance with a possibility of jail time if they do not conform. In addition to this dictate, if you are audited and found to have not complied with the insurance mandates you will automatically be eligible for a tax audit for non compliance with an IRS law. You may find yourself in the middle of two audits in one year with all of the thousands of dollars worth of accounting expense to go with it. Welcome to Obamaland.

Businesses of all sizes are going to be required to submit untold pages and forms proving they were complying with the right types of insurance and providing it to all eligible recipients. In addition to the paperwork burden people are going to have to report their health and eating habits as well as risk factors such as gun ownership and risky activities such as skydiving or scuba to their doctors who will be passing it onto the authorities to make sure you are living a proper healthy and safe lifestyle according to the DC authority. You are just about to lose the rest of your freedoms to the Party.

People will be well advised to register as Democrats if they want proper healthcare from here on out. This is the Party of death and what better way to stuff the ballot box than to eliminate your opponents. There will be a cost benefit matrix on every procedure determining whether or not the surgery or treatment is worth providing. Will a child be more worthy having a fifty year life from the procedure or a seventy year old who can only be expected to live a few. This matrix is so open to corruption you will have the same IRS agents who were targeting Tea Party groups financially deciding who will receive their treatments and who won’t. How can we know Party affiliation will not be part of the matrix and why should we not expect it with the Party of abortion?

There is nothing right with this program and everything wrong. It is a sledgehammer to take to the Democrats and a perfect example of what is wrong with their Marxist theology. When they come with their clichés of starving women and children the Repubs can say they are stopping this disaster to protect women and children. They can say they are protecting their healthcare freedom and keep them from becoming enslaved to more and more IRS forms, mandates, fines, and surgery disqualifications such as the girl denied a lung transplant. The Republicans are looking out for children like Sarah Murnaghan and yours. Let them talk about how a DC shutdown will destroy lives and the Repubs can talk about Obamacare destroying actual lives.

This is a made to order issue which will divide the average American against the elitists and allies of the communists such as unions, public workers, Congressional aides and the media. The general public hates this program and it is a giant symbol of what is wrong with DC boondoggles. It has no attachments to the Repubs as they did not vote for it and should not give cover this time. It is a big fat target they can go back to over and over and over showing they are on the side of the people while the Dems are on the side of gummit enslavement.

They need to hold firm and keep this fight through the shutdown and then redouble their efforts to put Obama on an island as the one person who is forcing the shutdown to simply force his namesake monstrosity. Let him try to defend it as he becomes weaker and weaker. The American people will realize after a couple weeks that the shutdown of the gummit will not be the end of the world and they are fine without it. Couple this with the fight against a bigger and more tyrannical regime and you have the perfect storm for a change of thought between the Rulers from the ruled.

Obamacare is not about healthcare or even insurance coverage, it is about centrally controlling from DC every aspect of your life. Your doctor will be their informant on how you live, work and eat while their IRS agents will monitor every financial aspect of your life in the guise of keeping you healthy. There will not be one part of your life they will not only know but control through the Unaffordable Healthcare Act. This is a dream come true for the central planners who run the Communist…er…Democrat Party and the worst nightmare for your average American. If the Republican Party cannot make that case to the people, it is time to pack up their tent and have a fire sale for a new Party.

America needs to have this Civil War since the Repubs own the House and can stop it for as long as they want. While the Dems and their media are calling them every name in the book for standing against a continuing resolution to keep the precious DC running, the Repubs can begin to stick a knife into the chest of Obama and actually stand for the people. This will give the people an alternative to the status quo they have been told to follow by the media. This is an opportunity which comes along every few decades and now it is up to the Party to grow a spine and stand up or wilt into oblivion. Any Repub who does not run against this Frankenstein legislation is either a fool or a traitor to the American people. We will have a clear view of which is which.

Pray America is Waking Up