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Time to Shut it Down

Time to Shut it Down 

The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.”… Acts 23:11

Where is it written that a shutting down the District of Corruption is an economic disaster? It is a disaster for those who believe the world would end without the economic engine called Washington DC. What if all of these people are wrong and the only thing standing in the way of an economic resurgence is the Federal Gummit? The opposite theory from the pundiots is the longer the Fed is reigned in and the greater the possibility Obamascare is delayed or destroyed the better the chances are of an economic recovery. If the Marxist establishment is wrong and the world economy can withstand the largest economic expense on the planet being reigned in and would react positively to a reduction in spending there may be a positive economic impact from a so called shutdown.

How ironic to have the President lecturing the House about the need for America to meet its obligations to its creditors. This is the same man who doubled the number and size of America’s creditors of which one of is America, and he has the nerve to lecture? This is the same economic genius who when he took over GM and Chrysler told those creditors to take a hike and left them holding the bag. How is it ok to default in the private sector but it is not to default in the public? Only in a Marxist mind where your god is the gummit can you believe anything other than what is good for one is good for the other and willing to not only lecture but taunt the other side.

So now we have the inevitable Mexican standoff or the now famous Republican Santa Ana retreat. The US and world economies would very likely react negatively at first, however in very short order would reverse its course as it began to realize there could be some economic leadership on Pennsylvania Ave. There of course would be the never ending chorus of the chattering class of how the world will be about to end, but there is a realistic chance just the opposite will happen. The problem with the windbags is they all speak to each other and once they have a consensus of thought there is no differing opinion due to groupthink.

Groupthink is rarely right since it is not based on logical or even intelligent thought it is based on fear of going against the group. Going against the group if you are a pundit who earns his living from predicting outcomes will say whatever the echo chamber is saying. To say anything else will put you out on a branch and if you are wrong will break off leaving you to explain and be ridiculed or lose your job. If you go along with the group then and you are wrong nobody notices so you are safe within the group since the entire group is wrong keeping you and the group safe. This is one reason the echo chamber always sounds the same since they travel as a herd without traveling out on that risky limb. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the accuracy of the prediction.

In this case there is as much or more logical expectations of the markets reacting favorably to the delay of Obamacare as there is to its enactment. It is not ready to be put out to the American people and every signal is it will force premiums up and become a paperwork nightmare adding another IRS form for the right to own healthcare. It is just as likely the markets and voters would react very positively to anyone willing to put a stop to that, but we will never hear that side of the equation. We will hear about how awful the Repubs are for not bowing down to their Messiah and the group will all be running in one direction like a flock of Chiken Littles.

If the House stood firm and went weeks without a CR they would have as much podium as Ted Cruz had and an opportunity to explain why Obamacare is a disaster waiting to happen. The American people already know it is not what they want to solve heathcare and would prefer it was repealed. It is causing people to lose their already fragile jobs and reducing hours for the entry level workers to unsustainable income. Companies will and are closing making the entire economy nervous from the hammer that is about to hit. This argument is a winner for the Repubs if they had the courage to dig in and confront an already weakened President who is not exactly the rhetorical master the establishmedia thinks he is. He will drop even further in the polls and receive much more of the blame than they think.

The House needs to ask the question, if it is so great for the average American why do does the Democrat House members demand an exemption? If the House deserves an exemption from this economic burden why doesn’t the American people deserve an exemption? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. This is a winning foundation of the argument and should be the jumping off point of every election in the country, the elimination of Obamacare. This monstrosity which is the first giant step to nationalized healthcare and the disaster that represents has got to be defeated no matter what the methods and this is a huge opportunity to take the first step. This is a golden opportunity given by Dems who refuse to make a budget to highlight and educate everything that is wrong with this Frankenstein legislation.

The ruling class says the Repubs will be blamed for the upcoming financial collapse if they do not go along with the Ofailure. There is really no way to know that as they were claiming Ted Cruz would fail and he is now a hero among the Conservatives and have made him their current leader for Presidential nomination. We need more leaders as America is at a very fluid state as the exposure of the incompetence of Odummy becomes more and more clear. There is good reason to believe given an opportunity the American people could move back to their Conservative roots and throw the Marxists out on their ear. Before that can happen, the Republican Party has to give them an alternative by showing leadership and the willingness to stand up and explain Obamacare and are willing to take the arrows for those explanations. Until then they are simply another branch of the Dems and not worthy of the Americans time or votes. Now is the time and this is the place where leaders are made or falter in fear, America is watching to see if any emerge.

Pray America is Waking Up