Brayin Candy

Its The Corruption Stupid

Last night Gov Palin impaled that DC pest, the Speckled Gasbag it’s time to hunt bigger game. Foxy Lady has set up Maverick for the kill. The entire election is going to be determined by talking Corruption and how it affects this economy. If McCain is going to win the war, he will need to go against Senate rules and name names. If he wants to win he will have to tell who was stealing from the trough and how they were doing it. He will either be McDole or a Maverick. All the tunnels lead right back to Achmed Hussain Oblack and the DNC. How amazing in a debate Sarah Palin was able to throw off the bimbo label and put on her Colombo Coat to turn the tables towards DC.

America is so furious at the District of Corruption they want heads on pikes and they don’t care who’s. Of course they want President Bush’s even though he is not the one who caused this one, yet he is in charge. Senator McCain knows what happened with Fannie Mae and needs to tell the tale with all the ugly details. He has to explain how Fannie was the DNC cash machine as well as a welfare slush fund for low end housing. He has to let America know the corruption here was the first domino in the fall of Wall Street.

The fall of gummit enterprise Fannie/Freddie was caused directly by Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson cooking the books to give themselves bigger bonuses. They stole $150-200 million between the two of them in bonuses while causing 10s of millions from fines for falsifying the books. Course congress stopped the investigation when McCain asked. Same as Enron and the Dot Com bubble this was allowed with no oversight and damaging agendas from the Congress, especially Oblack/Dodd/Frank. Enron was convicted and Fannie/Freddie are being whitewashed.

Achmed Hussain Obummer received $126,000 from Fannie/Freddie in the two years he was senator to help stop the investigations of them. Conversely, Maverick has received $8K in 30 years and attempted to investigate 2 years ago but was the lone howling wolf getting shot down by the Dems. This investigation would have found the books were cooked and perhaps avoided this meltdown. Obummer was the 2nd largest donee in congress which is disgusting for only being there 2 years.

The reason Fannie was donating so heavily to DNC politicians is they were running a corrupt risk shifting scheme. By congressional edict they were forced to take high risk loans w/o any underwriting to protect the loan. People were getting loans w/o jobs or any money down. This was done to allow people in houses they couldn’t afford, and was a disaster waiting to happen and it did so here we are. This was a simple case of bad decisions caused by the District of Corruption. Maverick needs to point this out in the debate to put the fingerprints on congress, the DNC and Oblack. He needs to explain he and Gov Palin are the only ones in this race who will pursue the corruption in DC as well as Wall Street/Fannie/Freddie.

The final issue he needs to address is he and Gov Palin are the only ones who can/will fight corruption. How can someone who is so involved in corruption fight it. He needs to point out how Raines and Johnson were deeply involved w/Obummer’s campaign and fund-raising amazingly enough, so how can someone swimming in the trough be expected to drain it. McCuda are the only ones who can or will fight corruption in DC. He has been one of the few politicians who have consistently fought against spending and pointed out the need for an investigation just like pushing for the surge. He needs to say he will emphasize the need to clean the swamp of DC with the wolf hunter Gov Palin.

Between the need for lower gas prices and Fighting Corruption, these two issues have the people furious. Both of them are tied directly to the DNC and especially Black Whiteguilt Oblack. John McCain has to look right at America and tell them they’ve been robbed by a corrupt congress over the past 2 years and need to elect people who will fight this corruption and vote out those who are dirty. The voters need to do it since congress won’t. He needs to tell Achmed directly he is a corrupt politician and tell America if elected he will be the Sheriff with Deputy Palin to throw the crooks in jail. He needs to do this by looking right into the camera and telling the truth. Speaking the truth will ignite the rage in this Country to be his Heat Seeker flying up Obogie’s tailpipe.

Pray for W, McCuda and Our Troops