Brayin Candy

Hit the Rove Jack

1 Corinthians 9:24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.

Karl Rove and the rest of the money changers in the Temple are going to give Trump some really bad advice right now. He has won the primaries using some of the most effective campaigning techniques ever devised and now they are going to stop using them and just pour money at the problem like they have done for decades. There is an old saying in politics which is no matter if the candidate wins or loses the manager’s checks always cash.

Now all of the so called experts are going to get in his ear and tell him how to win after he beat sixteen of them. They are going to say he needs to moderate his message to get those precious independents. They are going to explain how he needs to raise over a billion dollars to match the money Hillary/Bernie will be amassing to cover the battleground states with commercials every five minutes and throw away his best argument of not being owned. The Roves will pull out the famous formula of commercials and phone calls that has lost the last 30 years and convince Trump it will work this time.

The losing strategy is for him to move to the left because he doesn’t want to turn off those voters who pay no attention and vote for whoever is the least offensive. This strategy was invented by the Marxists who appeal to the hardcore communists that make up the Democrat Party but not so much to the Blue Collar workers who are not union forced. So a Marxist always drops the Nationalized Healthcare and closing coal and oil industries and sound like socialist Repubs for the General and lie to these more conservative voters.

The Repubs are taught to do the same even though they are destroying their chance to win. What they do not realize is a large majority of the voters are already where they are at and ready to vote for them. When Trump moderates his stands for the General he will be moving away from the voters and over where the Dems are trying to get away from. The formula is to sound like the other Party and the Repubs are where the voters are and why the Dems go there.

You are going to hear Hillary tell everyone what a friend of business she is and how she will be for creating jobs even though she has been campaigning on closing down evil fossil fuels for decades and expanding Obamacare which will further destroy the economy.

The other lie he is going to hear is how he needs to raise a billion dollars to be able to run all of his commercials. When our team won ten of 12 campaigns in liberal Portland we were always outspent by anywhere from double to ten times with the entire Democrat complex against us. From the paper to TV and even had Obama’s Organizing for America trying to save their crown jewel Portland’s Light Rail which was to be his transportation model for the country. We not only defeated it, but is now is on the scrapheap of history since they cannot expand it anywhere in the metro area since without our line it collapses of its own weight. Changing minds is not done with commercials and we have found there is absolutely no movement and in many cases does just the opposite.

When you have 200 channels running 24 hours a day how do you know which one your voter is watching. If he is watching or listening is he surfing or taping it and blowing through the commercials and not even seeing the billion dollar investment? It may make him get up and go get a beer, but does anyone really think it will make you like Hillary or hate Trump? The only thing it is guaranteed to do is to pay the campaign manager 15% and on a billion bucks which they get paid win or lose as do the money bundlers and PAC managers. It is a great business for everyone except the candidate.

As Trump makes the turn at Augusta National with a one shot lead does he continue to use the driver of does he leave it in the bag? Does he listen to Karl and play it safe with the formula he says has worked for the past elections or does he continue with the driver that could put him in the woods? He can and will win this election with less than $200 million and not owe anyone anything. Donald Trump on the stump is better and more effective than any commercial out there. There is no commercial that can explain Trump as well as he can and the visuals of massive crowds excited by his message of Making America Great Again will attract voters like a fat person to a buffet.

Voters and especially women are attracted to Alpha males who are confident and have nice hair and especially nice hair. His coif is his biggest asset and there is no question who the Alpha is. Hillary is going to be so managed and scripted with no clue how to come across as genuine. There is no commercial that can change who she is so she is going to have to paint Donald as an evil racist, sexist, homophobe, zzzzzzzzzzzz, same page different election and exactly not who Trump has been his entire career.

So how does he win this election using his driver? Simple, he wins ugly just like he did during the primary. He has to attack her from the podium and educate the people with his call in interviews to the national programs. Sure they are going to score a few points like they did with this 25 year old interview which was an old marketing blunder, but he can chip out and save par. The main point is to not fear the media as he has shown they are a paper tiger and he has verbal gasoline and matches.

He can win this with small donations of $1000 or less by raising $200-300 million and just keep Air Trump 1 fueled from speech to speech. This is by far his best club in the bag as he is able to speak without a script or teleprompter generating excitement throughout the country. His little digs will drive her bananas. He is in his element and manages the course while hitting the messages he wants to hit and educating the crowds as they watch with amazement. While his crowds are mesmerized Jeb’s, er Hillary’s will be giving golf claps between naps.

Bernie is proving this system will work. If he does not win the primary, which I still think he will; she is a sitting duck waiting to be plucked. The difference of the two with Donald hammering her from massive speech after speech will be the path to victory. Give the people a choice they have not had since Reagan. The only reason Rove won was due to the Dems giving their illegal immigrants the wrong instructions and miscounted what they needed to win. It was certainly not from a winning strategy and Romney did the same thing.

Trump has a chance to turn the entire corrupt system on its head. He does not need these professional managers watering down his message and pouring money on useless ads and phone calls. He has the golden voice and simply has to take his game to the next level. Rather than wasting money on TV use that money to fill stadiums and civic centers to turn this campaign into a movement like the Tea Party. Encourage people to wear the founding fathers clothing as street theater. They are your driver and will bring an even bigger Tsunami than we have seen the last two elections and ready to swamp DC into the sea. Donald Trump cannot fear the driver when the other player cannot hit it even if Rove is telling him to leave it in the bag.

Pray America wakes