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A night with Trump

Leviticus 22:25 Neither from a stranger's hand shall ye offer the bread of your God of any of these; because their corruptionis in them, and blemishes be in them: they shall not be accepted for you.

For Donald Trump to fly out to America’s outback to give a speech tells what type of man he is. He is a man of his word and he told people he would be here so he flew six hours from Omaha of all places to give a speech that exhausted the crowd while he still looked fresh after going over an hour with his free flow style. For him to be out in Oregon to have the entire crowd amazed when any other politician after clinching would rest on their laurels, what stamina and what a love for his people.

Yesterday while working a hundred miles away from my hometown Eugene I contemplated going and nobody would go with me since it was too much a hassle, but I figured if he could fly eight hours I could drive one and a half to see the next President. Having now seen three with Carter, GW and now Trump this was by far the most unique event and speech. He definitely uses his years of promotion to pump the crowd with earsplitting music choreographed to maximize the emotion of the crowd for that moment he comes up and after he finishes. In between is pure verbal genius which he has memorized yet allowing rabbit trails to make the memorized parts to shine.

After arriving fifteen minutes before the doors opened and way back in the line we all figured we were beyond the 5,000 limit they had on the building. We discussed the election and of course these were very well versed people on the politics of the day. Talking to a long haired biker from Roseburg and a polished guy from Ashland as well as mill owner from Northern California. Turns out the biker was a Mercedes dealer who was driving a beautiful V12 that was spotless. None of these people liked Cruz and were more disappointed than angry and all were thrilled and amazed he would come to Eugene.

When the line started moving and you approach the building it becomes a carnival event as people are hawking T-Shirts and buttons on both sides of the line. Free Enterprise is beautiful as these guys were making pretty good livings selling reams of Trump items and all made in America. I picked up a Fighting for America shirt as we got closer and closer. The mill owner’s daughter arrived late as she attended the UofO in her Trump T. She said she was running late so she just threw it on in her dorm room and walked the gauntlet of stunned faces and heckles from her fellow Bern-outs. Talk about coming out of the closet.

Once inside you felt you were finally in a room of people who get it. None of the, are you crazy, he is too brash, racist, sexist, homophobe stuff and the room was over half w-o-m-e-n. One of the bigger surprises was how many college age kids there were. Yes, it is a college town but these kids were animated and they were loving them some Trump. They get it and have seen the devastation of what Marxism and social degradation has done to this country. They have been the targets of twenty years and millions of dollars for socialist indoctrination programs and these kids got through to resist the agenda.

We shared stories of how early we said Trump would win this and the guy next to me just like me had it pegged when he first announced. He told of how he was telling people at the Super Bowl party he would win and they all laughed at him. The anticipation was growing as we had been standing for around over two hours at this point when someone had the motorcade on his phone. People were questioning if the protesters would stop them and then we said, this is Eugene protesters who are probably on mushrooms and not the LA version. Then came the Pledge of Allegiance and Star Spangled Banner to start the event.

They had a 13 yr. old girl sing the Banner and on her first four notes she could not hit a single one as her voice would not cooperate. She burst into tears and the quick thinking MC got the crowd to sing it with her and saved the day for the poor little girl.

Then the music got louder and louder as the Donald was about to arrive. When he finally came out it was pandemonium as the entire room screamed. He was a bit taken aback as he comes all the way out to Oregon which may be the only one he has no connection and comments on how beautiful this area is. Going over the mountains and especially the Three Sisters with all the snow is magnificent and this is one of the prettiest places in the world. If only he could make the numbers work.

He started it off with an attack on Paul Ryan and Linseed about how everyone was for making him sign a pledge of unity and now they are all reneging. The crowd was active and when he hit his classic lines about the wall or doing well with women the screams were perfect. They booed the dishonest press right on key and had some fun at George Will and Kraut’s expense. He has the timing of stand-up comic which he has known them all in Atlantic City, yet he understands the seriousness of speaking for the unheard who make this country work.

The two things you do not get on TV is the fun he has with the crowd. When he was discussing something non related a couple of the college kids shouted, Build the Wall and he said, these guys are pretty into the wall and got a chuckle out of it. The speech is so unscripted and free flowing he just ads little jokes and animated stories of his incredible life which he knows he has been blessed.

The other pivot was going after Hillary. They are planning another big negative ad blitz and his war on women. He is armed and ready as he said he had said some things on Howard Stern they will be cherry picking and the Meg Kelly storm so he just said, what about Bill Clinton? Here you are going after the things Trump has said or done in the past and you are going to ignore your own husband and his abuse of women? Not to mention how Hillary enabled it and in most cases went after the women he abused. “Give me a break, give me a break.” You have to say this in a Brooklyn accent.

He said that things are fine with Meg and he has taped the interview with her a few days ago and they have mended their fences. Everyone booed her and told him to not trust her, but he just laughed it off and joked about how concerned he was with his looks. He spoke of how great Bobby Knight was and how shocked he was that it was over. He talked about how his advisors said he should cancel the rest of the events and begin focusing on the Convention, but he said if we booked them we have to go.

If anyone thinks he will not build the wall ask yourself if you would have flown all the way to Eugene Oregon to give a speech to 5,000 people after you have already won the state? He would and did and will build that wall as well as fulfill everything he says he will.

He then went into full blown get out and vote mode before the music came up and had the crowd screaming for more even though it was done. The entire time you thought how does he have so much stamina to fly from NY to Omaha and then Oregon which was 11:30 PM his time and then stroll over to sign autographs? He has a mission and that is to Make America Great Again.

It is more than a phrase, but a passion for the only man in America who can do it or die trying. This is a man of his word who means what he says and says what he means. He flew to tiny Eugene and proved just that. Mexico, you better get out your checkbook.

Pray America Wakes