Brayin Candy

The cult of liberalism

2 Peter 1:4 Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature, having escaped the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.

Unlike Conservatism, Liberalism a Godless faith which forces its followers to be fundamentalists in the belief of their liberal dogma. It forces people to work their way to being a better person than those who do not march in lockstep to the Democrat doxology. Theirs is a man made set of morals and laws which often counters the Bible’s moral authority. This is an easy path for man to follow since man determines what is moral rather than God.

Man has always been in rebellion with God which is a major reason today Marxism follows Evolution rather than Creation. The need to make man a god is as old as Adam and Eve, but today there is an well organized political establishment which has existed for over a hundred years to replace God with a man made cult to manage and exploit America.

Once you remove God from society or at least from the ruling class then you can also remove the Ten Commandments which have been the foundation of morality and replace it with the Marxist doxology. Marxist morality is social morals which say what you can and cannot do or say which are built on the latest outrage to promote their agenda and weaken God’s protection. For instance they believe homosexuality is saintly behavior and should be celebrated and if you do not celebrate it let alone accept it you are an immoral person. To point out the massive STD outbreaks due to this abnormal behavior is a sin and will be punished accordingly.

The reason homosexuality has become saintly behavior is because it is being used to promote their agenda. Their agenda is to break down capitalism and replace it with communism and enslaving the people into a communist dictatorship. Before they can do that they will need to take God and free will out of America so they are installing a new religion to manipulate the easily persuaded into living their lives as comrades in their religious strait jackets.

We heard this week from the Attorney General that people who do not bow to the Global Warming myth will be prosecuted. Global Warming has now become a law even though there is not one piece of verifiable proof that it is happening. It is simply a fabrication invented by Al Gore and Enron to scam the people out of usage credits when Acid Rain failed to pan out for Enron. Just like evolution it was given scientific consensus and became a truth and now has become law. This is the path they want to take their entire man made religion to replace Christianity with the Church of Marxism.

Global Warming is the perfect crisis for the liberal mindset. It is the worship of the eart and it satisfies Man’s need for an end to mankind. Just like in the Bible with Revelation which explains Jesus’ return this not only tells of the cooking of the world by CO2, but it gives a worldwide solution from a global gummit turning off capitalistic industry and replacing them with a big gummit heavily subsidized by socialist solutions. Capitalism requires free will which is the enemy of Marxism that demands restricted centralized solutions.

The cult of Marxism manipulates its followers by changing personal responsibility with social responsibility. Rather than being saved by the mercy of Jesus Christ dying for our sins on the cross to become sanctified, in their religion you have to earn your way to salvation. You need to become a better person through societal morals rather than God’s perfection. If you believe in Global Warming you are a saint and not one of those evil deniers. This makes you better and more evolved than a denier which puts you in the realm of the enlightened or godlike.

Once you are in the realm of the enlightened then you must follow a stringent set of laws which will make you a better and better person on the scale of the man’s truths. A vegetarian is better than a meat eater since you no longer are guilty of killing animals one of the truly barbaric sins according to their tenets. If you are for homosexual marriage and homosexuality you are a good person and better than those bigots who cling to their Bible. If you are for blacklivesmatter you are no longer an evil racist and have absolution to all of those sins committed in the past.

Every day there is a new outrage which can only be addressed by you becoming more and more immersed in the Marxist agenda. An all encompassing tenet is Social Justice which states that everyone should make the same amount and those who make too much should have it taken away. Some call it fairness and they believe there is a way to make things more fairer. This is also evolved into White Privilege and other variances, but it is nothing but pure Marxism. If you believe in this you are a good person and are absolved of all the sins of capitalism. The irony is these people believe money buys happiness when often the opposite is true.

Every protest and protester is a believer who is working towards sainthood. They believe in their religion fundamentally and without doubt so they want to show the world how much they care. They believe they are doing their god’s work and in reality are. They believe like in the Ferguson riots that they are promoting equality and fairness as well as the big sin of White Privilege. These are the true believers who were either rioting or sympathizing with the rioters due to their oppression by Whitey. In their world everyone else is a sinner and they are the only ones who know the truth.

Truth is formed in their religion through the Holy of Holies found in Academia. If man is god in their eyes than only true temples of truth is where the smartest men are found which are the universities. When a priest from Academia proclaims one of these truths such as White Privilege than it is broadcast to the masses through the media and gummit to become a tenet of the faith. The faithful then carry it around like a holy cup and demand everyone follow it just like homosexuality or Global Warming. They do not care if you do not believe, they are superior so whatever they demand you will follow their cult or face the consequences and dissent is never tolerated.

This is the difference between the Church of Man and Christ. Theirs is a cult which you must work your way to salvation even though you will never truly reach it and Christianity is where you have only to accept him as your savior. One is on a never ending treadmill that requires you to be less and less free and Christ who only asks you to come to him by your own free will to accept or deny. One is built on man’s laws which are built around random societal morality which will change over whichever the outrage of the day by the chronically offended. The other is a gift built on personal morality found inside the Ten Commandments and the mercy of God. They are both religions, but one is used to promote and manipulate people into less and less freedom and the other is built on free will and more freedom. One is mandated by the growth of gummit and one is chosen by the individual freely.

We are watching one of the fastest growing most well organized cults in the world spreading across our country. It is bringing riots and anger as it searches to make people become their own gods and doing the bidding of their inner circle masters. This religion has an opiate that fills a need to be more than themselves, except like all cults it is only chasing after smoke and ash. It leaves an emptiness as they chase harder and harder to earn their sanctity. That chase is never ending and only spirals them into more emptiness and depression and ultimately the death of their spirit. The irony is they are running away faster and faster from the one true God which gives them peace everlasting through God’s mercy. They fight every morning denying his perfect sunrise.

Pray America wakes