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The Fifth Column

The Fifth Column

Thine, O LORD is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is thine; thine is the kingdom, O LORD, and thou art exalted as head above all. 1 Chronicles 29:11 KJV

The riots at the Trump rallies underlines the intolerance of thought by the cult of liberalism. This cult has been developed over the decades by the Three Pillars of Propaganda (academia, media and the DNC). These three work as one to destroy capitalism and progress their Marxist agenda throughout the masses. They work in every aspect of this country and have developed a cultish following to manipulate people and follow their doctrine religiously.

The Marxists have developed this cult under the guise of being a good person. A good person is absolutely tolerant of every abhorrent behavior or belief. Anything that goes against the societal norms is to be tolerated and the only thing that is not tolerated is intolerance to the cult’s beliefs. That will not only not be tolerated it will be punished with fines and not allowed to exist. At first it was by court fiat and now in the rioters’ case by a violent army of thugs.

The Three Pillars work as a tandem of Marxism to promote the agenda of moving America away from capitalism and freedom to communism and a Soviet lifestyle which they see as socially and economically fair. It all begins with the High Priests of their movement in Academia. Since they are atheists they believe man is the highest form of intelligence in the universe, the only thing more intelligent than man is a group of men or academia.

When academia comes up with a dictate such as Global Warming is destroying the earth, it becomes a truth. Scientific method is thrown out the window due to the agenda and academia simply proves their theory is correct and it becomes a truth which since they have been given godlike status then it must be a fact which has to be broadcast to the entire world.

The media will work in conjunction with the DNC and broadcast to the world that Global Warming is true and must be followed religiously. It was brilliantly launched with algore’s movie “Earth in the Balance” which even in the title warned of cataclysmic results if the world does not change its way of existence. In addition it made the case that the world was a closed environment like a greenhouse and the people could visualize what the High Priests of science said and were ready to follow their tenets and become good Marxists rather than evil Capitalists.

Once the media and academia has the people believing this hoax then the DNC uses it to promote their agenda and candidates. They paint anyone who disagrees with their dogma as evil people who must be ignored or destroyed at all costs. Anyone who does not believe in GW is a denier and are dehumanized with no value in the marketplace of ideas.

Now Obama has taken it to the next level by integrating his SEIU buddies in front groups like Black Lives Matter and Mexican gangs along with the Black Panthers to declare war on anyone who does not believe. We saw that in Ferguson and Baltimore with their war on cops. You could see the Three Pillars in action with the vilification of the police and authority. Academia declared that blacks are more likely to be arrested and put in jail than whites which the declared proof that cops are racist and came up with the White Privilege theory, that America is racist and whites have an unfair advantage when it comes to the justice system. Never mind that blacks are more violent in general and commit more crimes, academia figured out that it is the system’s fault and that system needs to change dramatically to bring about justice.

The media then promoted this belief of White Privilege and actions needed to be taken to bring about social justice. When an event like Ferguson happened the media and Obama with the DNC pushed the theory of cops wanting to kill blacks while at the same time activating his army of thugs. The media and the DNC began pumping the story and when the riots broke out they justified them and gave the rioters sainted status as they were bringing about the justice academia was talking about and the Three Pillars were working together. Their army of thugs were able to carry out the justice America deserved and now you had a full-fledged movement with an army to destroy anyone who disagreed.

We saw the War on Cops played out again and again whenever a cop killed a black in Baltimore and NYC. Anyone who dared to say the criminal put himself at risk by running or attacking was considered a denier and were mocked and dehumanized in the public square and were silenced exactly like Global Warming. We saw it again and again over homosexual marriage and now men in women’s bathrooms and showers.

The Three Powers are feeling their strength as they have cowered the opposition and have turned their attention to the upcoming election. They believe they can silence anyone who dares to cross their path and are in full attack against Donald Trump and his rally attendies. What we are seeing in California is just the start of the campaign by the Three Pillars. We will soon be hearing from academia how he is a Nazi or some such scare tactic which will be carried by the media and DNC to justify the beating of his followers.

When we get to the convention the good rioters will be doing a good thing by turning back evil Trump who is going against their more evolved ideas. We are already seeing that theory being advanced as we hear how Trump is actually causing these riots by his divisive rhetoric. Divisive rhetoric is defined as anything that counters whatever the Three Pillars is promoting and immigration reform and amnesty are major tenets of the cult.

The War on Cops is now becoming the War on Trump which is actually their War on America and decency. They have to destroy America to usher in what they really want which is perfect Marxism. When Trump comes up with the phrase Making America Great Again that goes directly at the heart of their goal. Whether Trump knew it and strategized with the perfect phrase or it was a brilliant marketing phrase you now have the battle lines drawn and a clear definition of what this war is about. It is about the destruction or rebuilding of America.

This election has exposed both sides of the battle for the entire world to view. Now it is putting the Three Pillars under the microscope. The media is trying to hide their role in their cult as its televangelists, but Trump calls them out in every rally and gives them nowhere to hide. Academia is being shown for the biased buffoons they are as they call out for pure censorship of contrary ideas. He is exposing Hillary for the crooked politician that she is as she reflects the DNC for their complete hypocrisy when it comes to lining their own pockets.

The Three Pillars are getting Trumped. As you watch these horrific pictures of everyday Americans being beat and women having eggs thrown in their faces and hair by punks it only strengthens the will of the people. The Three Pillars cannot put enough lipstick on these animals as they burn our flag and fly Mexico’s. You are seeing thoughtful people leaving the cult of the DNC and asking themselves what would it hurt to put a wall at the border and let these America hating packs go back to the country they love so much. One man standing up is shaking the Three Pillars and one wonders if they could topple.

Pray America wakes