Brayin Candy

What if Trump is winning


Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.

Psalm 119:160 KJV

What if ABDNCBS is as corrupt as most think it is and Trump is leading? What if America was not as upset about what he said about the PC protected victim and his poll numbers really did not fall and is actually leading? What if the entire Punditocracy is as wrong as they have been about the entire election and Hillary is the one in trouble and about to lose the White House too? What then DC?

We know that Moscow on the Potomac is worse than it ever has been and is simply a place where politicians and the Chamber of Communists can steal Americans’ wealth, but what about the rest of the structure? The media has become another black hole which had one sole function in theory which was to record history. It never has, although has had a few members in the past who have come close, but has always been a personality driven enterprise. It is now filled with hardcore Marxists who were brainwashed in college by their Socialist professors and now believe their purpose is to promote the DNC doxology at all costs.

When politics enters into any profession, corruption follows. When Marxism enters it then it is no longer a profession but an agenda driven propaganda machine. In this case it is to promote a communist country in the model of the Soviet Union and make Americans into good little Soviets. They truly believe that was a superior system since the gummit is far more just than those pukes in Wall Street and will provide a utopian existence for the downtrodden. No really, these cockroaches are true believers and will talk about it in the A List parties in Georgetown.  They are inside the bubble and never listen to anyone outside it.

When you have an agenda to promote then anything goes and the ends justify the means. As we saw in the DNC emails, there is a direct link between it and the media. Instructions were given to F Chuck Todd to ease up on his questioning of Harpy to make her look better. They are told what to say and how to say it to advance their agendas. The Establishmedia has no interest in delivering the news and have become nothing more than DNC spokesmen to get votes for their candidates using the same formulas they have been using for decades. What if those formulas do not work anymore?

With the internet the truth goes around the mediots and is piped directly into the peoples’ monitors. There are so many new avenues there is no reason to watch these activists and even if you do you can dismiss ninety percent of what they say and fact check it yourself to derive the truth. A larger percentage of the people are doing this and no longer valuing anything they are saying. This includes the phony polls which are complete fabrications and have as little to do with accuracy and more to do with inventing an agenda driven talking point.

With the advent of the cell phone and caller ID there are no possible ways to get an accurate poll. During the primary season and before we have been seeing polls off by as much as fifteen percent and especially with the Lying Queen against Sanders and underrating Trump by large margins.  When someone sees a toll free number or a call from DC they are not going to answer it. This goes doubly if you are a Trump supporter since you do not want to be called a racist, sexist, homophobe by the pollster so you ignore it and especially if you are a woman. It only goes to explain why every election the Tea Party candidate outperforms their polls.

The people have seen this selective outrage so many times they have become numb. Oh, how can Trump insult a Gold Star parent who gave their son?  Since when has the DNC ever cared about the military or Gold Star parents for anything but props so they can spew their hate of America? Only when it fits their agenda do they faux care and then they hide behind that honor and sanctimoniously to magnify their outrage.  Worse yet, when has the DNC had any regard for the Constitution? It was a well rehearsed photo op which may have had some impact for the media, but the average voters could see through their act forcing the Establishmedia to cook the books.

When the pollsters have to add 10% more Dems and the B of Benghazi is only up eight then it means she is likely down two or ten. When the Independents are breaking heavily towards Trump there are not enough BrainDems to carry her over the top. They can only manufacture 5% through fraud which means she is in trouble with a capital T which stands for Trump.

What if All the Kings Horses and All the Kings Men can’t put Harpy Dumpy together again? What if the Dems lose the WH and are completely shut out of DC? What if the media cannot determine who wins and loses or those commercials no longer have the impact they once did, what then? That would make the DNC completely irrelevant and Marxism would begin fading into the dustbin again. What if all of those media bullies were irrelevant and nobody listened or cared what they thought or felt they needed to give those interviews to a dying media? If Trump wins the DC echo chamber would have to talk to Americans rather than laugh at them amongst themselves. Imagine no media, it isn't hard to do...

When Achmed Hussain Mohamhead waved his Constitution into the camera the media had a rehearsed response no matter how Trump reacted and he was going to get the Islamophobe treatment. Too bad Trump didn’t have some parents of an Islamic terrorist attack from Orlando to counter this victim, but fighting back in the long run was the right answer and not one the DNC expects from Repubs. They expect the apology tour while you flog yourself publically.  They are going to call you a racist, sexist, homophobe anyway so you may as well give them a reason and now Trump looks stronger as the Mooselimb Brotherhood ties are revealed about this terrorist sympathizer. How much guilt do you have to live with knowing the people you support killed your son?

In the end the NeverTrumpers are going to have to decide, are they are going to be babies or do they do the right thing and support Trump. No matter how much you hate him the answer is obvious to anyone who thinks we are on the wrong path. No, he is not perfect or even close, but he loves his country and will be a strong spokesman for capitalism and America. It is hard to imagine no matter how much you despise the guy when you look at that ballot knowing there are only two directions you would either surrender your God given right to vote or vote Marxist. We have never had a more clear choice between two candidates wanting to go opposite paths and that is what terrifies the DNC establishment. This is why they are in panic mode since they are standing on the edge of the abyss and America is about to give them a push.

Pray America wakes