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Clinton Does Haiti


The Clinton Family Laundry cleans out Haiti 

Psalm 26:10 in whose hands are wicked schemes, whose right hands are full of bribes.

We know the Clinton Family Laundry is how Harpy amassed over $200 million by selling American favors it is simply the details we are not sure of. Most of those details are buried in the 30,000 deleted emails which are most likely hacked by some very dangerous people both foreign and domestic. When you hear of a hacking every day you know someone was trolling the Secretary of State’s home account. Grandma Clinton most likely had no idea how to send an email off her phone let alone how easy it was for an enemy to intercept them. The truth is she is most likely the biggest traitor this country has ever seen.

It is obvious now what was in those destroyed emails and why she could keep her communication inside the State Dept. email system, she could be convicted for selling US influence. After the congress passed their new 503C laws making almost any political action committee into a charitable institution by simply giving fifteen percent to another corrupt charity allowing the free flow of graft to the politician. Every politician has their own similar fund for their elections or activism, it is just the Clinton Family Laundry was one of the largest in the world.

One of her largest donors was the Middle Eastern countries which begs the question what were they buying from her? She was one of the most powerful people in America and had direct influence on what happened in the ME. Of course they were going to want favors from her and still do. Most likely they wanted to have her overthrow rival countries like Egypt, Libya and Syria which of course she did. She also helped arm and finance terrorist groups like the Mooselimb Brotherhood which has morphed into ISIS, but what do they really want from America?

The biggest thing they wanted and want is the enslavement of America to ME oil. If they can keep us from developing our domestic resources, then we will have to buy more and more oil from the Saudis to continue their wealth and control of that region. Coincidentally, Harpy’s energy policy is a dream come true for the Saudis. She will end all development of fracking and stopping of the Keystone pipeline as well as an end to coal mining. All of these will make us more and more dependent on the ME oil which is exactly what these sheiks were most likely buying with their contributions.

This was repeated over and over around the world as she became a prostitute for whatever super wealthy John was walking down her street. Whether it was a friend of Putin wanting to buy twenty percent of our uranium reserves or a billionaire wanting to get a sweetheart deal she was always willing to sell a piece of America to the highest bidder. The person wanting the favor would simply call or email the Family Laundry and ask them what it would cost to get whatever they were wanting and Harpy would tell them what that fee would be.

Perhaps the most corrupt of deals they made was the Haiti earthquake relief rip-off. Back in 2010 when Haiti, one of the poorest black countries in the Americas; was devastated as most of the people in the center of the quake lost their homes and infrastructure. The foundation raised millions of dollars of Haitian relief destined for the impoverished survivors. America poured out its caring as always and churches sent help while the Clintons' had a fundraiser with no output. It is estimated barely ten percent of the tens of millions raised ever made it to the Haitians. The good news it was more efficient than our welfare programs.

In addition, she held the country hostage for Aid from America. She forced Haiti to hire her brother to become a board member of a large Haitian gold mining operation before she would award a 5-Billion-dollar Aid package which Bill and Hillary directed and never reached the people. All that ever came of it was the displacement of four hundred farmers for a business park that never opened.

Not only were there no jobs created from her amazing works project, the money was skimmed and no telling where all the graft and corruption went. The most likely suspects are the same people who were running the operation and ended up in the Clinton bank account. Corrupt boondoggles occurred over and over around the world as American aid was sold to the highest bidder and then the cash was dispersed to the most corrupt leaders for their own enrichment as long as she got her cut.

She now wants to do to America what she did to Haiti. She wants to set up a monster fund which will turn the White House into a slot machine. The Clinton Laundry would explode as it would take in billions from nations and businesses on the planet. She would have those checks would come rolling in to get every type of favor imaginable would go on the auction block. In a couple of years, they could have an Occupy White House to protest against the super wealthy.

It is obvious to everyone how the Clinton Laundry worked and who benefitted from it. It was a way to get around the federal laws stopping graft and corruption. It is also obvious how those emails fit into the Foundation and what was in them. The only yoga in those emails was the Downward Dog puking money into her coffers. This obscene fund proves beyond a doubt she is not fit or trustworthy to be President. Unless Americans want to have a Baby Doc or Ugandan type of gummit then she has proven herself to be unworthy of leading.

Not only has she shown herself to be corrupt she is also incompetent. The Haitian Aid program still has not provided a single job when it was sold to create thousands. It has been mothballed and actually cost 400 farmers their jobs. So rather than creating jobs in true Clinton fashion, lost 400 minus the jobs created to count the cash in the Clinton Foundation.

Closing the Laundry will never solve the problem. The Clinton Family Laundry is who and what she is. Gaining power has nothing to do with making the country better or helping Americans, it is only about making Hillary wealthy. She has absolutely no compassion for people struggling to survive these difficult times, she only cares about her bank account and sees the Presidency as a way to make it great. This is her motivation and why she is not qualified to lead.

To stop this, you must elect Trump. To finally end this family of corruption you must put someone in who is not going to be bought. The Clintons when you get right down to it are White Trash from Arkansas. They are bought and paid for by the Saudis and will do whatever they require as her energy plan proves. There is only one person in America who can put an end to the Clinton Family Laundry and that is Trump.

Pray America wakes