Brayin Candy

America's Thought Nazis

I will love thee, O Lord, my strength. The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. Psalm 18:1-2 KJV

President Donald Trump is exposing the mad professors for exactly who they are. Each Pillar (Academia, Media and the DNC) is gladly walking into the open for America to judge and see how corrupt these Pillars have become. The latest of course is Academia exposing their Thought Terrorists by physically beating opposing ideas from entering their world. Since they have been taken over by the sixties Marxists who are used to ruling in the shadows carrying the Holy Grail as High Priests of the Church of Liberalism inside their hallowed halls. They now have proceeded out into the sunlight. America now knows that their political spectrum stretches all the way from Leninism to Stalinsim with the same KGB.

Conservatives are used to being banished from the Halls of Learning since they are all dominated by Castroites; yet we have never seen this level of violence of those bans. What we are witnessing is how corrupt these institutions have become thanks to social media activists. The University of Bezerkley, besides having a terrible football team, is perhaps the most draconian learning institution in the Country. One of the delicious ironies is their mascot the Golden Bear is named after a Calvary Captain the Indians called the Golden Bear who was one of the bloodiest Indian killers in the West. He was known for scalping his victims of the Modoc and Klamath tribes in Northern California. You think the Redskins are a bad mascot, how about the Golden Bear? It just warms your heart to know the mascot of the most liberal school in the West massacred the Native American aborigines or whatever the current PC term is for our proud casino owners.

The absolute corruption of our universities has reduced our research and science to almost zero. If you cannot even discuss an opposing philosophy how can you find the truth? Just like every other Fake Science across the spectrum they have killed scientific curiosity. What the colleges are saying is they have decided by groupthink what is correct political thought and any challenge or divergence no matter how slight will be shouted down or in this case beaten into submission. This is the exact same way they treat classic sciences such as Darwinism and Global Warming. You must adhere or be burned at the stake as a witch.

How can a college claim to be searching for the truth when they will not allow any divergence from their own groupthink? How can they decide Marxism is the perfect or even the best form of gummit when they will not even consider any other political philosophy? This is absolutely lazy thinking and borders on criminal in what they are doing to their students going through their system. There is all sorts of evidence showing Capitalism as a superior economic and governmental organization, yet they will not only not consider it they will militantly not allow a legitimate discussion of these two ideologies.

They simply declare Capitalism a racist and oppressive system and declare it outlawed on their campi. What we saw in Bezerkley and NYU should have outraged any free thinking person on the campus and yet we likely had universal approval from the professors. To imagine people were beat up and only a matter of time before they are killed for sharing their thoughts is tragic. Whatever happened to sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me? Looks like they only got the sticks and bricks part.

If Academia were honest they would absolutely not take any side on a political issue. If they were pure in their thought they would look at both sides equally and decide which method works or doesn’t work on its merits, no really. You would expect these eggheads would realize Marxism has been the most violent forms of gummit over the past hundred years and responsible for over 200 million innocent deaths around the world and still failed. Now most professors would argue the number or their innocence since those were mostly dissenters of communism and deserved to die or purged as they say on campus.

When you have a declared doxology such as Liberalism and they are the only speech and speakers allowed in the halls of science this corruption flows into other areas of study. The classic sciences begin to be corrupted as only professors who teach one method of science will be accepted and all others are declared heretics and not allowed to share other theories or countering ways of thinking. If you are not going to investigate the entire spectrum you really haven’t really studied any of it. Our Universities have become Flat Earth scientists and are completely blind to that fact.

Since Marxism has no real answers to any of societal and economic questions the believers and especially Academia has simply resorted to name calling. They have for the past eight years leaned on anyone questioning the black President as racism they have become complacent with it being the debate stopper. When you claim people cannot afford fifteen thousand for healthcare which has a three to five thousand deductible they claim that argument is racist and the discussion is over. This has really been their only argument for the past hundred years which is to sew a yellow star on your coat and shame you into submission. Now all of that has changed and they are being exposed for the Stalinists they have become.

These are the Halls which are supposed to expose young minds to a diversity of thought ranging from Aristotle, Shakespeare, Franklin, and Mark Twain and open the world to these minds, now half of the great minds are outlawed. Sounds more like Fahrenheit 451 than 1984. These institutions of lowered education should be embarrassed for what they have become; rather their arrogance and condescension will never allow this to happen. Of anywhere in the world where freedom of speech and thought should be cherished and protected it would be the pinnacle of thought and it is just the opposite. It should be a place where the leader of the KKK should be as welcome as Buffoon Obama yet they will not allow anyone who is not a raving liberal and that is pure thought control.

This extreme bias permeates throughout the education system from decades of Stalinism. It is a shame these institutions which calls everyone to the Right of Castro a Nazi allow less freedom of thought than Hitler or Lenin. What we are witnessing on the campus reminds you of those dark places and it is not a very large step from watching Trump supporters get mugged and knocked out to Hitler’s Final Solution. With their exposure to the world this Pillar is beginning to crumble.

Once an institution allows corruption in one area it spreads it to the rest. Just as we are seeing the Thought Nazis patrolling the political sciences and also know it is occurring in the hard sciences with Evolution and Global Cooling so what else? It is most likely also occurring in biology and medicine as well as every other study inside the college as they run from being called homophobic. Unless your results are politically and socially correct they will not pass peer review and you will be ostracized or kicked out by the academic priests. This is why we have so much Junk Science coming from these Universities. They now have been exposed for what they are thanks to President Donald J Trump and it is time to Drain the Ivy League Swamp. Lady Liberty’s torch is burning a little brighter each day.

Pray America is Waking