Brayin Candy

RyanCare is worse

James 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:

Too bad nobody in the House of Representatives had read, Art of the Deal so we would not be starting at half a loaf and hoping for a slice from the Dems rather than starting with the entire loaf. Obamacare is a disaster for everyone and these desert Rinos in the District of Corruption do not care or realize it is destroying lives for most Americans. RyanCare is no different and if it were they would not have to mandate it with a penalty which is higher than ObamaCare’s. Guess they all missed the part of Trump’s speeches which said, repeal this monstrosity.

Most of us love what President Donald Jobs Trump is doing but he is not a Conservative from his core and is a recent arrival. It is not his fault he is pretty new to the fight, but this one is for the very soul of this movement. He understands why Dodd/Frank had to be repealed since he knows banking and the same with the EPA and our regulatory mess. He understands economics absolutely, but something like Obamacare is outside his normal day to day and is a Conservative philosophical issue which is a lot deeper that the gummit has no business in insurance which only a few in DC believe.

Until we have someone willing to not be reelected we will not have Obamacare repealed. Someone has to say, they broke it but I am going to fix it by eliminating it and that is not what politicians do. Someone needs to stand up for the insurance industry and allow it to do what it has done for two hundred years to begin to repair it. Right now it is in a million pieces thanks to the Dems taking away the preexisting conditions and underwriting policies for individuals.

The way insurance is supposed to work is everyone pays into a pool and when someone gets sick the pool pays the medical bills. The insurance companies had a sophisticated program of measuring risk of the policy owner by how healthy they would price the policy accordingly. In addition why had a variety of policies and the customer could decide how much care they needed as well as lifetime maximums which ten years ago were a million dollars and now would likely be two million. All of this allowed them to make the policy fit your need and rewarded the healthy and made the unhealthy pay a premium unless they owned the policy before their health issue since they could never cancel a person once they owned the policy.

The Marxists labeled underwriting as discrimination and made all the people want to eliminate the very thing which made insurance work for nearly everyone. They came up with ObiCare and made the insurance companies assume everyone were healthy males and allow everyone in at the same price. This forced the industry to assume everyone had cancer and rated the premiums accordingly. In my case as 62 yrs. of age my wife and I pay over $14,000 per year with a $5000 deductible which means we will pay $20,000 if we ever go to the hospital. Who can afford this? So we are paying all this money for only catastrophic coverage since they only underwrite for age and we are in the highest bracket and the only other carrier is even higher. We pay as if we are uninsurable which my wife does have a preexisting condition, but that is not factored in.

The biggest issue is what to do with the uninsurable. There needs to be an uninsurable pool which will lose money and then underwrite the rest. This pool would have to be guaranteed by a reinsurance plan set up by the insurance companies to get us back to real insurance. As the population ages then that pool gets bigger although it will soon all be on Medicare bankrupting that program the insurance companies need to have the shackles taken off just like eliminating Dodd/Frank with the banks. There needs to be choices for people to fit their individual or group needs. Most of all the gummit needs to take their hands off the industry and let it fix itself.

Ryan should have went in with a full repeal and no replacement except some type of temporary high risk guarantee to help the insurance companies on their uninsurable pool to bridge the first couple years. The Dems would howl although not as loud as the Rino’s but the people would appreciate their courage and in a couple years when premiums came down would applaud them. This would make everyone declare whether they were for or against the voters and people could see for themselves.

The Dems are going to shriek no matter what the changes are so may as well go big. If it is defeated in the Sinate then you can always adjust down you can never adjust up. This is why this RyanCare is so infuriating since he only changed a couple of sentences and called it replaced. He should have took a torch to it and did away with the entire scheme, but his manager told him he would lose his chance at the presidency if he was too extreme so he wimped out.

Only a politician would think repeal and replace means tweak. Once again we are sold one thing only to have been given something completely different. Once again we are told the only way to get rid of rabid Marxism is to elect RepubliCrats only to be dissed once again. They say they have to do it in stages which may be the truth, but we do not see any vigor to get the job done. When it comes to DC you can always expect they are lying until proven otherwise and this is most likely the case. President Trump is not a Conservative purist and thinks there is a path to eliminating Obamacare when there really isn’t without pain and he needs to explain that to the voters. They broke it and there will be pain putting it back together.

We have the worst negotiators on the planet selling this Snakeoil to America. By all appearances RyanCare is every bit as bad as what it replaces. If it were not they would not have a mandate and people would want to buy it themselves. There would not be the 26 year rule forcing young people to pay premiums they would not buy otherwise since most would rather have a Vette and a Brunette than health insurance. This is another DC boondoggle being shoved down our throats by politicians while the other hand is in the lobbyist pocket. President Trump needs to veto this and send them back to the drawing board with a big box of Crayons.

Pray America woke