Brayin Candy

Oil Crisis

 The same people who forced us into this energy crisis expect us to believe they have the answers to get us out. The same people who were wrong about The Surge, Global Warming, Tax Cuts, Welfare Reform, Losing the war, The Wall, Nuclear, etc, want us to put our futures in their hands. They want us to believe we can power America with Wind since wind is what they have an excess. Rather than drill our own vast supplies, they want our enemies to drill and sell their oil to us.

America is a Mighty Oak which has brought Strength and Freedom to the entire world. This Oak has spread itself around the world making the world a better place. Now the Oak is being weakened by choking its precious life-giving water/oil. The water has been cut off due to shortsighted plans by the Dems and now we’re starving. We need to release the water and feed the Oak for the betterment of our Country and world.

Industries like Auto makers have been put out of work directly due to the high cost of gas. People are not buying larger cars where this industry makes most of its profits. Thousands of workers have been put out of work thanks to the shortsighted policies of the enviro-terrorists in congress. Any auto worker who votes against drilling is voting against his own job. He can look at the Dems who have been working for years to put him out of work.

Alternative fuels is a pipe dream which is as realistic as algore living like an average American. There are only 3 realistic solutions, Oil, Coal and Nuculear since these can produce the massive energy quantities necessary. All need to be developed yet the most efficient and available of these is Oil since all we have to do is drill and refine for a usable product. There are vast quantities under our feet we only need the gummit to get out of our way to start production. There will be the necessary building of refineries to bring oil to market, but by exploiting our own oil we can water our Mighty Oak.

The Rats are hoping there will be a Global Recession to lower the demand for oil and price. This is their only solution to high prices, Recession/Depression. The Republicans however would rather produce more oil to reduce the price to kick this economy into high gear. Cheap fuel can expand our economy as well as lower the cost of food, transportation and housing. Rather than making people suffer due to short sighted ideals, we would rather let technology flourish and allow the greatest economy in the world make lives better worldwide. Rather than being in the pocket of the Enviro-whackjob Lobby, how about congress thinking about the peoples’ pockets.

If you enjoy paying $4/gal, Thank Congress. It has taken them 30 years to get us into this mess and will take time to climb out even if we start now. If we keep chasing windmills and butterfly wings we will continue on the tracks of destruction. We will be seeing even higher fuel and food if we chase boondoggle solutions like Ethanol which uses a barrel and a third of oil to make every barrel of Ethanol. Ethanol is the gold standard for the congressional solutions we can expect. Spending huge subsidies for a PC solution which drives up both the cost of oil and wastes precious farmland is sacrifice to their pagan Earth god.

The only real solution is to end Ethanol subsidies and drill our own abundant oil. This will lower both the cost of gas/diesel and food in one simple move. A plentiful supply of oil will bring down the pump to around $2 and fuel another economic bonanza. This will stimulate both the Auto industry and put money back in peoples’ pockets to stimulate our economy. Rather than wasteful subsidies the gummit will receive tax/lease revenues from the Oil industry. America needs to replace Do Nothing Nancy’s ban with Drill Sarah Drill. Saracuda needs to do to the District of Corruption what she has done for AK. When America does this, our Mighty Oak will grow stronger to provide shelter and shade for a starving World. The answer is right under Our Feet so lace up your shoes and send Saracuda to DC.

Pray for W, McCuda and Our Troops