Brayin Candy

FBI Corrupt

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

Isaiah 55:8


This Russia probe has gone far enough. There was no collusion and everyone knows it so quit wasting Americas time. This is nothing more than a silent coup being conducted since the wrong candidate won the election and the Establishment needs to keep him from exposing their corruption. Mule-team is perhaps the evilest person in the Beltway although he has surrounded himself with an all-star cast of deceit.

This is the DNC once again attempting to damage a Presidency since they can no longer guarantee to win at the ballot box even though they own the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, Media and the DNC). To imagine President Trump and the Repubs winning the three houses of gummit is a God given miracle in itself, but they fell for the oldest trick in the DNC playbook, allowing an investigation over the flimsiest of charges.

This is the same thing they did to Reagan with Iran Contra after they passed an anti-arms law entrapping him to help the Communists in Nicaragua. There was the GH Bush flight to Paris in a U2 with absolutely no proof only the seriousness of the charge. They then used it against GW Bush with the supposed naming of a CIA agent who was not even an agent and was revealed by the media previously, but it made for a disabling scandal. That along with the false lying charge destroyed his administration and nearly lost the Iraq war.

Now they have taken it to a new level accusing a President of talking to a Russian agent prior to an election which is perfectly normal and claiming it illegal. This has been done by every candidate for the past fifty years, now have fraudulently made it a crime.

The real crime is concocting this fake investigation. As everyone now knows the Russian Dossier which all of this is built, was bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and perhaps the FBI through a British ex-spy who was famous for fake research. This should be a crime in itself, but they then went directly to the FBI and turned the fake Dossier to the FBI through agent Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie who happened to be working for the company which produced the dossier. Wonder if there was a nice bonus check in her name after the dossier was passed off as a bribe to her husband?

They then used the Russian Dossier which was unbelievable on its face if anyone read it, to get wiretaps to spy on the Trump campaign. Here is where Woodward and Bernstein are supposed to come in, but since they are nothing more than DNC hacks, act as if this is nothing new. The FBI shredded an American citizen’s Right to unfair search and seizure and people are now looking at huge fines if not jail. To avoid jail for the fake investigation you are looking at a minimum of $250,000 in lawyer fees since the Special Persecutor has unlimited funds, resources and time. This is the way the DNC has figured out how to stop the Repubs since they no longer win at the ballot box. Who in their right mind wants to get into this phony quagmire?

Their goal now is to use their corrupt judges and lawyers to make Conservatism illegal. They already have the Three Pillars pushing the message of the societal immorality of Conservative thought and speech, now they are validating it through the courts and Special Persecutor. They ignore the fact they should be punished for illegal search and seizure, and go for the crime of talking to a Russian Ambassador and lawyer lobbying for Russian adoption as crimes against the Motherland. This entire fiasco would not make a very good spy novel; unfortunately it is true and has claimed the heads of some very talented conservatives who were adding to the mission of President Trump.

The good news is this is what winning ugly is about. Everything and everyone is being exposed as New Media is getting stronger and better at exposing the truth. The internet is where most people get their news since they no longer trust Old Media, they would rather get the raw stream and sort out the good from the bad themselves. This is how people are finding out the corruption inside the FBI and are astounded it was so deep and involved in the election. They were spying on the Trump campaign and passing it on directly to the Clinton campaign or indirectly through the Barak White House. This scandal makes Watergate look like a BB gun compared to a Sherman Tank on levels of breaking the law and still Woodward and Bernstein sleep. Apparently, they can’t seem to find a Deep Throat when it is a Democrat crime.

They had the entire FBI high command tapping phones and who knows what else to upset a Trump campaign which was badly outspent and going against every Clinton trick in the book, yet they blame her loss on a few Facebook posts. Someone should hire these Maldivian trolls for their next campaign mangers if they are that good.

This is what the Democrat Party and the Establishment has come down to. They have given up on the American people who have become wise to their ways and are trying to outlaw Republicans through fake charges and crooked cops and judges. This is today’s Democrat agenda. Forget helping America or Americans, just gum up the works so the Repubs cannot govern and hope you can mess things up enough to regain control by blaming them for not getting things done or their people confirmed.

When Marxism is your god you will do anything to accomplish it as we have seen though the last century. Theirs is a godless religion based on relativism and dirt worship. You believe you came from an amoeba and will end as worm food. They live such a hopeless existence with nothing in between except emptiness and a continual need to matter by promoting the religion. Democrats will do anything for that need as they try to accomplish the destruction of America and its replacement with a Socialist utopia like Russia was. So, they prattle on about how horrible President Trump is and how wonderful Barak Hussain was in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. This is their religion and reality is not part of it which is why they cannot understand the rest the country who does not agree with them.

This secular atheism based on eart worship is the Establishment's national religion. Anyone who does not agree with it is an outcast and to be mocked. Their mocking is their only weapon although they use it well it is having a lessoning affect as people like President Trump understands it and uses it quite effectively himself. He has learned mocking is only effective if you ad it and apologize so if you have a thick skin you can minimize its damage.

This is why they have gone all in on the Russian fraud. Even though it is backfiring like an ACME rocketed skateboard, like Wiley they will not be deterred from their latest and historically most effective weapon. As long as they have their Three Pillars carrying the water while hiding their crimes they will continue with this ridiculous scheme until the real criminals are sent to prison for the treason they are committing. Otherwise the Party would have to run on their real Marxist agenda and see if America is ready to take the same path as Russia or not.

Pray America woke