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Veto the Bill

Veto the Bill President Trump 

Romans 1:14

I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.


America hired President Trump to stand between them and the District of Corruption. There is no greater power the President has than the power of the veto and there has never been a more deserving bill than Porkulous 2.0. This is a bill Nazi Pelosi would be proud to pass as it has every Democrat Christmas wish and they are asking Trump to be their Golden Santa Claus.

There is no way the country can continue to dig the debt hole any deeper without some serious economic ramifications even if it is to begin rebuilding the military. When you are over $21 Trillion underwater it is not a time to buy new equipment no matter how bad you need them. By the looks of it the Pentagon got everything they want and then some without regard to priorities or fiscal responsibility.

The hardest cuts for any Commander in Chief who is concerned about rebuilding the military are those military reductions, but he needs to show them how things are done in the real world with competitive bidding and strategic spending. Every part of the gummit has waste and this includes the military.

The real pork is in the rest of the bill. How do the Congressmen look Americans in the eye and say they are for fiscal responsibility whey they have the most irresponsible bill ever proposed? This is the definition of the swamp candidate Trump promised to drain and if he is going to hide behind an increase in defense spending as justification of punting on the wall while funding Planned Abortion and Obamacare then he has become one more creature of Moscow on the Potomac.

If he signs it this will be the biggest loss of his Presidency and put the rest of it in real danger. Every manager of every Repub is going to be telling them to pass the bill to keep the voters happy. They will say how the voters hate conflict and want everyone to compromise to get this bill passed in a big DC group hug. They will beat the never shutdown the Beltway drum or voters will make you pay at the ballot box when nothing could be further from the truth.

If the voters were so put off by conflict why was Trump and the Repub congress voted in?  They and especially Trump were elected to fight back against this massive corruption. They did not vote thinking he was somehow going to get along and never have shutdowns; they elected him as a wrench to be thrown in the Ryan/Pelosi/Schumer/Marblemouth gears. Now is the time to jam those gears up.

If he signs this boondoggle nobody will believe another word about draining the swamp again. This is where the rubber meets the road and yes there possibly are a few things he wanted, but when November comes and he begins having rallies and he talks about the wall or balancing the budget, who is going to believe it or get excited over the prospect of not willing to stand up for the forgotten men in Appalachia? This is the swamp’s version of a bear trap to put an end to Donald Trump. The swamp is willing to lose the House and Sinate to put an end to the Tea Party movement and move their Marxist utopia forward.

What if everything the managers know is wrong and the people actually reward you for fighting. No manager wants to have to get into the ugly battles with the Dems which is why they want to keep their hands clean and lose with dignity. What they will never understand is Repubs have two choices, win ugly or lose graciously and the Party is filled with very gracious losers. They stand up this time and get ugly while shutting down Porkulous 2.0 and they would have the biggest victory in November they ever experienced. It would show the American people they care about their problems and difficulties as well as concern for future generations. This was supposed to be the difference between the two Parties and the leaders are showing they are simply two sides of the same $3 bill.

The American people are tired of being on the outside looking in and are why they voted for Donald Trump. The fact the leaders could spend $1.3 Trillion and could not find enough to get the wall started is a kick in the crotch to him and he is supposed to smile and ask for another.  Ronald Reagan was not afraid to veto a bill when it was necessary which laid down the law on Congress. Now is the time to lay it down on this Congress and break up the little coffee klatch where everyone is taken care of except for the taxpayer who is forced to pay more.

Veto this swamp water Mr. President. You can be a hero to your people and a bigger demon to the Rats. You want to drain the swamp then you must stop the flow which feeds these creatures. This is your time and your destiny. You took this job to make a difference and make the hard decisions nobody else would make so make it. The Marxists are going to hate you anyway so you may as well give them a reason.  It is time to turn America around and beginning to balance its budget is a big step in that direction. Everyone who voted for President Trump are holding out hope he said what he meant and are ready to have him do it with his pen and then make a call to the swamp.

Pray America woke