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Spying on Trump

Spying on Trump

Judges 9:23

Then God sent an evil spirit between Abimelech and the men of Shechem; and the men of Shechem dealt treacherously with Abimelech:

Why are the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, Media and the DNC) so worried about the Russians taking over America when they would rather have the KGB in America? These people could care less about freedom in America let alone free elections. They are all about taking power and then eliminating as much freedom as they can for as many people as they could under the guise of Social Justice. The thing they never tell their followers is who decides what is just and what is not just, like they did in the old Soviet Union. 

The Three Pillars are trying to tell us they were all concerned about the Russians helping Donald Trump and the Repubs to win the election over the Dems. Even Putin knew Trump had zero chance of winning and if he did think he had a chance he was going to be another Reagan who was the last person Putin wanted in the WH.  Of course the Russians wanted Hillary in the WH where they could blackmail her to their heart’s content. He would treat her like the Red Headed Stepchild she is.

This of course makes no sense unless you have the power of the Three Pillars pumping their massive propaganda machine carrying the message to the masses using their age old tactics. In addition they have the Obama FBI and intelligence agencies solidifying that message so their people will repeat their lines dutifully claiming intelligence agencies agree.  This keeps the narrative alive and complete so they all march in lockstep to their Marxist world view with a visceral hatred of Trump’s America.

The message is they are upset the Russians hacked into Hillary’s computers and stole their confidential campaign secrets to steal the election. They are so outraged the Russians would do something so unethical as to spy on the Hillary campaign which would have won if not for the spying the Trump campaign did with the help of the Russian KGB or some other State intelligence agency.  They are so outraged the Trump campaign would collude with the Russians to steal her campaign secrets to help win the election and should be Peached for it.

Now the truth comes out the only one hacking someone else’s information was the Barack regime that had sent spies into the Trump camp to steal information for the Clinton campaign. He even sent his version of the KGB to get the information as well as planting a spy to frame him with the Russian story and plant enough evidence to get a warrant to tap his phones from a corrupt judge.

Enough information is out there now as the onion is being unpeeled and we are getting a look inside. Thanks to the work of Sean Hannity, Sexy Sara Carter and others we are now seeing this entire Russia scandal was a giant sting on the Trump campaign and now his presidency by the FBI. If it is what it is beginning to look like it is using the most sophisticated spy agency on the planet doing everything they could to determine the outcome of an election by spying on them and likely passing secrets. Guess this proves there is no way to manipulate the Presidential election even with the most powerful gummit force in the world. The Russian collusion façade even if it were true would have zero effect if the FBI cannot select a winner.

If this were a hundred years ago we would have people thrown in a dungeon and they would be building some gallows awaiting their trial. It is so obvious Barack ordered his personal KGB to destroy some dissident who happened to be running against his successor. He had a personal hatred for The Donald over his Birth Certificate scandal years earlier. This was the last person he wanted elected. All of these people were deeply involved with his selling out of America from the overthrow of Egypt, Libya and Iran to Uranium 1 which was full of bribes and untold numbers of favors to our enemies. There are likely when we get to the bottom of it, vaults full of gold in banks around the world as he had a Stasi police force covering up his and Clinton crimes as well as harassing his enemies with State agencies. The lost emails are a treasure trove of corruption with the Clinton Family Laundry. This was their way of getting dirt on Donald Trump in hopes of injuring him to knock him out of the campaign. 

They had all the dirt they needed on Jeb who was their designated loser. Imagine what they had ready to throw at another Bush. When out of nowhere Trump began to take the lead in the polls panic time set in. This is when they invented the half-baked Russian sting and inserted spies. This was to find dirt and to get FISA warrants and undermine his campaign. They may have been looking for dirt to leak or a full blown Russian involvement scam, but it morphed into Russian Collusion. They did with the FBI what they accused Trump of doing with the Russians which is SOP for the Dems.

We have the American spy network targeting a private citizen with no search warrant or probable cause which goes against everything America stands for. We have this same cabal hacking Trump’s computers and phones doing what their sting was supposedly formed to find out who did the exact same thing to Hillary and the DNC’s computers. We have an out of control FBI acting far more like the KGB and PravdABDNC covering it like the old Soviet Union. What next Gulags for the Tea Party? The New Media is exposing this coup and hopefully these traitors will be hanging from a gallows as a symbol to future FBI agents that this will never be tolerated again so Lady Liberty can lift her Torch of free elections for the rest of the world to yearn.

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