Brayin Candy


Mark 10:19 Thou knowest the commandments, Do not commit adultery, Do not kill, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Defraud not, Honour thy father and mother.

We are now having a rash of suicides just as many have been predicting knowing suicide is an outcome of secular atheism. When a person has no hope or future there is no reason for living. The atheists have convinced America they can become good people if they live a certain lifestyle they have designed. This lifestyle is earth friendly existences where you judge everything you do by how little impact you have on the dirt. In the end Mother Eart becomes your god as you repeat various incantations to show how much you care about your earthen gods. With this religion, rather than all paths leading to heaven in this one all paths lead to Marxism.

You can see this every day as people lead a meager existence outwardly showing everyone how much they are willing to lead a life of selflessness to society. They dutifully tote their recycle bags to the store showing everyone they really care about the environment as they have their bags which take well over a thousand plastic bags to make ship and market so that they can turn their nose up to one of those thousand bags. When they walk out of the store with their organic kale they know they are a better person than you since you do not have reusable bags.

Once you cross the threshold of worshiping the dirt you are then asked to do more and more for your god or gods to make you an even better person than just those who do not use reusable bags. You may want to start biking to work or purchasing an electric golf cart…err….car. Never mind a bicycle is unpractical for bad weather or raising a family, it shows that not only do you care about the environment by not burning any evil fossil fuels, but you care about your body and are going to live forever in perfect health, except when you have the flu or pneumonia from riding in the rain.

So then you step up to the earthen prize, the electric car. Of course you end up buying a hybrid since you never know when you may need to drive more than a hundred miles in ideal conditions on new batteries and have to switch over to evil fossil fuel. As you drive that first fifty feet on electric you know you are doing the earth good and not spewing any of that evil CO2 so you are one with nature. You ignore the fact your car has a ten times larger environmental impact than the SUV passing you if you were to factor in the hazardous materials to make the batteries and power generation plants to recharge your little statement to others of your caring about the dirt.

You drive your little hybrid with freedom knowing although you cannot get it past 50 on battery; you are a really good person and care so much more about the climate than those evil gas driving people. You are a better person as you ignore the hazardous waste you are creating when in five years you have to replace those wonderful batteries full of lead and every deadly material known to man, you are a caring good person.

By now you are a hardcore Marxist wanting everyone to care about the world as much as you do. You now think you have to really do penance for the world so you become a vegan. You go down to the Whole Foods store in your hybrid on only battery and take your three recycling bags out of the trunk and saunter into the store with the smug look of a superior human being. After all you are now someone who the eart loves and you love her. You load up with a bushel full of vegies and lentil beans and buy a couple more recycle bags as you never realized how much space carrots and lettuce take up in the backseat of a hybrid.

Now the real suffering begins as you spend every waking moment trying to make vegetables taste good. You know bacon fat or beef drippings would do it, but you trudge on eating your garbanzos and salad pretending you are doing something for mother dirt as you ignore the fact organic foods take far more water, ground and fertilizer than regular vegies as well as costing about double, you feel good about yourself as you shove another fork of empty calories into your joyless mouth.

The next time you walk through your vegetable section proudly picking and smelling the next awful meal you are going to enjoy, you look around and notice all the pale lifeless people surrounding you. You laugh it off as some anomaly although they have as big a bushel of organic vegetables as you do with their five recycle bags waiting to be refilled. What a strange thing you think as you see their thin weak bodies smelling and caressing the tomatoes as they smugly walk past the meat section with disdain just as you do. Of course they like you ignore the studies which show a vegan diet takes an average ten years off a life expectancy and shows serious damage to brain and nervous system functions, you are sacrificing and being pure for Mother.

After all this change and voting straight Democrat ticket and despising President Trump you notice there is no joy in your life. Your life has become a series of trials you have to accomplish every hour of every day.

There is no hope, only another trial to prove you are a good person to society and ultimately the earth. You ignore all of your own hypocrisy as you switch over to gas knowing you are hurting your own perfection, but you have to get home? There is no hope for a better life and certainly no heaven since there is no God, you are your own god and living every awful minute looking forward to every terrible meal.

You start getting depressed realizing you can never reach your perfect lifestyle. You begin hating people who are not caring about the dirt as much as you do and the cycle becomes more and more empty. There is nothing to reach out to and the depression becomes more real while you live as perfect a vegan earth friendly life as you can. In the end there is only one way out as your brain screams about your hypocrisy of living a symbolic life when in reality you are making a greater impact on the environment than any of your unenlightened neighbors. That is when the thoughts of suicide enter your mind and the path’s end reveals itself.

This is where liberal America is and a major reason suicide rates are at an all-time high. We are training our kids and people to lead this Godless life where there is no hope and no Salvation. Jesus does not require you to try to work your way to happiness or heaven, he has done the work for you and is the pathway directly there and this simply becomes a journey to being with him for eternity. There is hope in that every minute of every day. No matter what the challenge or what the trial he is there to carry you through and you can go back to enjoying your life and all of the wonderful gifts God has blessed this planet with.

America was built on the Bible and the belief in Jesus Christ. Only he has a path of hope and joy that things will get better if you continue to follow him. Only his path leads you to doing what is right in every situation which you may fail at, but you continue to live your life striving to be more like him and have mercy on your fellow man. With his help you make it through the depression and leave the thoughts of suicide behind looking forward to eternity in a place of no pain and only happiness worshiping the creator of this world. That is the difference between an empty life of secular atheism and living a new life with Jesus and his joy.

Pray America woke