Brayin Candy

America is not Nazi

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31

What would it be like to think the freest country in histoir is Nazi Germany? Liberals have been taught since they were born that there is no difference between America and Hitler’s Germany. Now their idea of utopia is a version of Stalinist Russia which is even worse, the term Nazi Germany is the picture they portray when they hear a strong America with people who love this country which they cannot fathom.

The Three Pillars (Academia, Media and the DNC) have taught since Kindergarten, America and capitalism is the basis of all the world’s problems and Marxism is the solution. Never mind the fact Nazi Germany was a version of the Marxist model and their three champions Stalin, Mao and Castro all murdered well over 200 million combined, America is the real evil in their world. In their world every military parade looks like Nazis goose-stepping with their Heil Hitler salute. Every police officer is a symbol of Nazism and now we hear the same old Nazi drivel about enforcing our borders and not letting all of Central America come here unfettered. In their world everyone on the planet is entitled to be Americans, yet they cannot explain why anyone would want to.

When you really believe America is worse than Nazi Germany you have no problem calling everyone who loves this country Nazis. Even if there are no death camps or people being rounded up for slaughter it does not matter, they see those camps in their minds, besides America is guilty of slavery which is morally equivalent to running death camps and sending Jews to the showers and ovens. In their relativity mindset there is no difference between the two.

When they see people running around with the flags on their cars, houses and clothed in it ,they see swastikas. They truly believe this country is worse than the Nazis and want to take over the world with evil capitalism which makes them the saviors of the world as they keep it a Marxist Utopia wallowing in poverty and mediocrity as they spread the wealth to their most deserving people. As impossible as it is to believe there are millions of Dems who wake up every morning hating the country they live in and spend their entire existence trying to prove this is the Nazi Germany they believe it is.

The Three Pillars will never think America is anything other than evil since a truly free America leaves them in the cold. They exist by being the opposition to America and need a cause to make them relevant so they preach the Nazi Germany fraud just like they do Global Warming. They believe if they all agree on it then it has to be true. Never mind the entire premise has been destroyed as you see people all over the world trying to get here rather than those Utopias they have set up, their death cult forces them to say this country is evil.

Now their worst nightmare has occurred and a powerful President is in charge of their Nazi Germany and is making America more and more powerful. He has taken off all the restrictions and regulations which they installed to cripple this country. Jobs are coming back and the economy is flourishing due to using those off limits energy reserves the Three Pillars convinced Americans either never existed or the usage of would destroy the planet. With abundant energy a stronger more powerful Nazi Germany will grow and their nightmare becomes worse in their world, while in the real world Americans enjoy more freedom and prosperity to afford more choices.

No matter what President Trump does from here on out we are going to hear Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. We have heard it about the Tea Party and every patriotic movement since the 60’s since they are the villains of the twentieth century. The real irony of their rewriting of that episode is the Nazis were the National Socialist Party which was pure Marxism without a dimes worth of difference between them and Stalinist Russia which is the model the Three Pillars use. Joseph Stalin murdered well over seventy five million of his people compared to six million for Hitler. Stalin figured out after he imported most of the SS officers from Germany you could more efficiently kill people through starvation than some elaborate shower and oven combination so that is what he set out to do.

This is when Stalin set up the Gulag Archipelago throughout Siberia and around his work projects such as the Volga canal which was built to bring raw materials out of the north down to the Baltic Sea where his industry was. It was called the death canal since over a thousand deaths per kilometer for 250 kilometers were attributed to this project with most of it from starvation and freezing. Dissenters were often staked out in the swamps for the mosquitoes to attack or in the winter the ultimate punishment was to throw you out nude in sub zero temps and then throw a cup of water on you to freeze you to death. The Gulag was worse than this and you could get ten years there for saying anything considered counter to Soviet greatness. Is there anywhere in America which looks like their Marxist Utopia? 

Unfortunately most of the Three Pillars and liberal America thinks this country is worse. Their picture of any fake crisis like the border is another example of an unfair country which is virtually the same as Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany has become their name of last resort so whenever you are compared it must be true and you are forced to act upon that charge. The truth is we are the opposite of Nazi Germany and we are the ones calling for freedoms while they are the ones fighting against all of  them including a border to keep evil doers out.

They have the war on free speech as you cannot speak about the good of America on a college campus or anywhere Dems are in control. You cannot say anything positive about President Trump or negative about the last administration or any Democrat. They have stripped away search and siezure Rights from candidate Trump as there was illegal spying on his campaign which is the most basic Right any American has and not a peep from our Nazi guardians.

How awful would it be to wake up every day in your mental version of Nazi Germany? How depressing would it be to see America as this dark dreary place where every atrocity to man is committed? When you see every crying child or cop mistake as a symbol of the evil in your own country and more proof this is the worst country on the planet, your life must be filled with depression. How do you not see with your own criticisms and protests as proof this is a sanctuary to these Stalinist horrors yet you cannot afford the least amount of credit for fear it makes you a Gastapo accomplice and we can’t have that.

What would it be like to hate the country you live in, yet nearly thirty percent do. America is the beacon of light in a very dark world. There has never been and never will be another country where people have had more social and economic mobility than America. Rags to riches are a cliché here while in almost every other country is nothing more than a distant dream. How many Oprah, Ford, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates stories are there in this country and they want to turn it into something resembling Stalinist Russia. No, let’s make more Oprahs and Gates’ by making America freer and more capitalist to grow this wonderful experiment our forefathers built and let it blossom into the Reagan's Shining City on the Hill.

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