Brayin Candy

Aborting our morality

And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name. Leviticus 20:3-5 King James Version (KJV)

If anybody questions the cult of Marxism they only have to look at the worship of abortion. After nearly a hundred years of being told the baby is a random glob of cells, science is proving just the opposite. While nobody believes their excuse they are still selling the mother has the right to kill her baby for her convenience up until the baby is ready to be born. Fundamental abortionists are having a cow that states would dare question their most holy of powers.

Nobody believes a baby is not a human in the womb no matter how craven a pro abortionist you are, but the cult needs its power to decide life or death no matter how many babies are shredded and destroyed. There is no biological argument this group of cells is not a human from the time of conception. This is a creation of God which with micro-technology we have seen at some of the earliest stages it is a very small human being. Certainly, we have seen at the development of the heart you will see the head, eyes, ears, hands and feet are well developed and growing into a person, how does a person become so calloused to allow themselves to not admit it is a living human?

If you were killing kittens and throwing them in the trash you would have an uproar from the same people who have no problem tearing a baby limb from limb as you kill it. If you did the same thing to a Panda Bear, a puppy or a bunny these people would be wanting you thrown in jail, but to do it to an innocent baby is not only accepted it is cheered by these fundamentalists. This is their religion and they worship the power it gives them to kill innocent people.

This is why every Communist country has outlawed or heavily restricted Christianity since they cannot get Christians to go along with some of the dictates necessary to make Marxism work. One of those is abortion where the Inner Circle can decide who lives and dies from the earliest ages. Mao had his one baby dictate which was abortion without Planned Parenthood clinics. The local Communist Party would watch the workers and if a family already had a child the second, third and forth was killed at birth just like the Virginia Governor wanted only they would drown and bury them in the rice paddies or simply slash their throats unless they were a Party member and then you could have two or three children.

The same thing was done to the old and aged just as was done in the Soviet Union only they simply withdrew medical care and let them die. Alexander Solzhenitsyn described in his best seller Inner Circle how there were two types of hospitals. One for the workers and one for Communist Party members where the members had good care and the workers had little or none. This is what the Communist Party wants for America with their Nationalized Single Payer Deathcare, they want to put you in the womb again in their control. Once you are there they will come up with a clever little cliché for killing you like end of life choice or some other phrase to wash their conscience.

This is why they have their earth worshiping cult that you as a woman have the power of life and death over your baby. Never mind the massive depression, drug addiction or suicide rates after an abortion, you have the power to choose and that is good. Never mind the one thing which makes a woman miraculous is the thing which holds her down according to the cult, she has the power to kill. Never mind we are denying ourselves millions of families and the growing of miracles we have to kill for the church of Marxism to pick and choose who can and cannot afford children, this is why they have to end Christianity in America.

Once you have made killing the most helpless in society moral, you then tear down the rest of morality of this country. Little things like good and evil or truth and lies are simply changed and turned upside down with a catchphrase like Climate Change or Fossil Fuels or Russia Stole the Election, to make the cult do what you want it to do. Words like Green Energy, Tolerance or hating haters give people a spiritual high that they are better than the rest of society.

You see this religious fervor in the streets as God fearing states such as Alabama, Georgia and Missouri stand up to say these fetuses are not globs of cells but biological human beings who deserve to live. There is no biological argument if they are small human beings since they will not grow to be dogs or cats, just as pregnant cats will not produce humans, they are baby humans and science confirms this from conception. These states are arguing this point and they can withstand the argument since biology backs their claim, only a religious fanatic would argue otherwise.

You see absolute insanity from the cult members as they protest their right to kill these babies. It is their religion and deny any science which shows otherwise. If this is a baby after it is born, why scientifically is it not a baby minutes before it is born, it is the same creation? If it scientifically is a human minutes before it is born with all the organs working including a brain, why isn’t it a human a day or a week before its birth? Of course it is according to biology and that goes clear back to conception when it becomes a unique human being.

The Marxist Cult does not want to talk about science when it comes to babies since they want to define it to their religious definition of when it survives the birth canal. Then it may get full rights as a human being as if going through birth magically transforms it from a glob of cells to a fully functioning baby.

You have to have a lot of faith to believe a baby is not a baby when all of science says just the opposite. Everyone has seen babies inside the womb where there is no difference other than size. Should we kill midgets too since they are not fully developed humans? Better not give the cult any ideas.

Killing these babies needs to stop for the heart of this country. Their religious dictate is wrong and science has proved it to be wrong. This is no less systemic murder than the killing of innocent Jews in the Holocaust and no more right. We have allowed a small elite priesthood to decide right and wrong without the discussion of the Right to live for the baby. He is not a part of the mother as science has shown and a separate and individual being just as that Jew was in the camp.

It is time for America to turn its back on the cult and turn back to God. He said Thou Shalt not Kill in his Ten Commandments and there is no possible way you can say killing these babies is not killing humans.

Imagine this country without the curse of abortion and the worshiping of these deaths as some sort of victory. Stopping this abomination would not only give life to the most innocent, but would stop destroying the women who are victims of these procedures and their future families it would cleanse America from its darkness.

It is time for America to take a stand between the cult of death and what is right for these babies. Would there be embarrassment and inconvenience, yes; but you will be hard pressed to find any mother who has had a baby who said she wished she did not. You will find millions of women saying they wished they had not killed their only child and living in guilt. It is time to admit these grieving mothers and science are right and so is God to put an end to killing babies.

Pray for the unborn