Brayin Candy

Our Forests are Burning

And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and served Baalim Judges 2:11

When your political party is actually a Marxist Cult you do not have to have any new ideas of results you simply have to spout religious commandments. A simple statement like the other party is destroying the earth or they are racist, sexist, homophobes and if you believe in us you have absolution from those names. You can claim it is good to live under poverty as long as you worship the earth even if your earth worship is killing the planet, results do not matter only the faithful following matters.

It is so easy to make people believe whatever you want by simply saying science says and the followers will do whatever you want. The Three Pillars of the cult (Academia, media and the DNC) simply declare a truth and then broadcast it to the followers and they believe completely. There is no discussion or introspection of it is good for the parishioners, it is declared and people follow. Now it has become a free for all as anyone can claim a societal offense by a person or action and this becomes a new cult truth.

The basis of the religion besides Global Warming is the hatred of America and its history. The cult is a Godless religion based on earthen gods and idols which the cult worships unendingly. It has copied much of Judaism with its basis in veganism forcing someone to eat rabbit food in a search for cleansing of the body. Anybody who has tried this heavy legume diet knows this diet is anything but friendly to the earth with the increased methane production of the body and the damage that must do to their Global Warming doctrine. The forests are a perfect symbol of what is wrong with worshiping the earth. Decades ago the same people forced the people who were properly managing the forests out of those lands. They had been managing those forests in the West for the previous hundred years with a true biological basis and the forests were never healthier.

The healthy forests made for healthy wildlife and clean water as the rotation of the trees as well as thinning out the dead and dying trees keeping fire danger at a minimum. The health of the forests was rewarded by faster and healthier growing trees which fed the mills to be used for home building as the Greatest Generation built the developments around America with low cost plentiful organic lumber. This was a symbiotic relationship as the healthy forests were managed properly while being harvested and never coming close to overcutting since the massive forests could never be harvested or would be harvested outside of sustainability limits.

The environmental cult came into the forests with their religious clichés about managing the forests was destroying the them and needed to be shut down. Never mind they never had any sort of scientific evidence they found a couple of small population species of animal out in the forests and had Academia claim they were endangered by the cutting of trees and drove the forest managers out of those forests and left them to fend for themselves.

After fifty years of forest mismanagement these forests are overgrown and dying from the inside out. There is so much dead and dying trees in the forests you cannot walk through one without running into clumps of small dead trees and a forest floor littered with down trees drying waiting for a spark. We are seeing the results of the worship of the forests with massive deadly fires that kills hundreds of square miles of trees, animals and people every summer as these fires rage at sometimes 70 mph.

The DNC cult does not care about the forests just as they do not care about blacks, women or homosexuals, the forests are simply a club to further their political agenda. They use their religion to both control their people and to bludgeon their enemies by labeling them as haters or in the forests case, not protecting the earth. Never mind these fires are damaging the earth and environment as well as the air far worse than anything else in the world, they excuse the fires as natural and ignore the environmental damage they are causing.

The dead and dying forests are a perfect example of what is wrong with running a political movement as a religion rather than what it really is. They do not have to explain why their ideas are hurting rather than helping the very forests they claim to care about. They have destroyed these forests and have no solutions or even the slightest answers since their followers will protest any real solutions to the complete mismanagement of these lands.

They will be shouted down for thinning the choking forests for fear a tree will be cut down rather than massive forests being burned to the ground. Their religion goes around the science as well as the proper stewardship of these trees and goes straight to worship. There is no inner soul searching if they are doing the right thing for the earth they claim to protect when blast furnace fires sterilizes massive swaths of forests killing the soil and making that area desert for decades due to the heat of these disastrous fires.

The religion will just claim that is the way nature cleans the forests when it could not be further from the truth. Natural fires would burn at much lower temps and simply clear out the brush and overgrown areas leaving cleared areas for grasses and regrowth of new trees. Just the opposite is happening as the sterilization of the ground makes a bad situation worse. Add to this the bug infestations after the fires killing up double the number of trees the fire destroyed and you have the systematic killing of our national forests.

The solution is selling these forests to the people and letting them manage the trees properly. Just as there is a solution for every cult caused problem the forests may be the easiest and most rewarding of all. Within a decade the forests could be healthy, the air cleaner and the forest wildlife healthier with proper management and thinning of these dying trees and planting new. Rather than massive fires we would have huge herds of deer, elk and every other forest creature living in a much healthier environment the way it is supposed to be.

The forests are a symbol of everything the cult touches. Just as we see the dead and dying trees we are seeing a dead and dying society. People are terrified to say, think or do anything for fear of being attacked by the cult for not worshiping the right way. For anyone to say they think homosexuality or transgenderism is unhealthy risks losing their job, house or life. The cult has unchecked power and terrorizes people into following their commandments without any discussion or thought. The cult claims a behavior illegal and you must obey or face death no questions asked.

There is a fire raging across American society and it needs to be fought and put out. It is the flames of a deadly religion which is out of control and threatens to destroy the entire fabric of this country. It is time to manage the forests properly as well as our society. It is time to become stewards of our forests rather than worshiping trees. It is time to free the forests from the dangers of earth worship and use proper stewardship to be able to let them become healthy again for the health of our forests and our country. It is time to turn away from worshiping the creation and towards worshiping our creator.

Pray for America