Brayin Candy

Can we have the Inauguration Now

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

Can we now have the inauguration of President Trump now that the election results have been confirmed? After four years of the entire DC establishment on a mission to rig an election and then a coup, it is President Trump's turn at bat. This was orchestrated by Hillary and Barak's administration to rig an election and keep their people in power. Trump and Barr now know who the top people in the coup were and now they need to prove their crimes.

She has been playing the usual Clinton game of a strong offense is the best defense as we witnessed during both the Kavanaugh hearings and this week with the Barr inquisition using her politics of personal destruction. What difference does Barr’s report make about the Muleteam novel.

The report is out now so if you have a case to make from accusation and innuendo make it now since nobody cares about whether Barr agrees with you or not, put up or shut up. If you cannot put up then the Russian collusion and so called obstruction is over and the 2016 election is finally finished.

This entire fiasco was to rig the election so Harpy could be the Turd term of Barak. If Bernie had been elected he may have exposed it with his wild eyed innocence of socialism not being corrupt. He would have seen smoke from the Uranium One dealings and the threads could come undone leading right to her and Comey’s cronies so they rigged the primaries to steal it from the Bern and did.

It was tougher to rig an election nationwide although they had little fear of losing since they had very good voter fraud operations in Miami, Philly and Madison/Chicago which would carry the states they needed to win. The insurance policy was her dossier she and Comey put together with Steele which was supposed to be released as an October surprise and sway the election her way. Little did she know those surprises do not work against The Donald since everyone already knew who he was and saint was not one of his descriptions.

Once the dossier became a dud they tabled it thinking they still had the election won although all of those rallies had them nervous and the Hillary momentum never came. She had the entire media complex pushing her and Trump’s army kept growing while his rallies became the symbol of a populous uprising making them more and more nervous. When she cancelled her fireworks display she had to know she was going to lose and panic had to be setting in since there are well over a billion in bribes and graft from Russia for our most strategic resource.

Talking with a dirt farmer in ND last week who said a firm is offering him to dig for Uranium on his land for $60K per month and he is holding out for $100K which is the type of money you are talking about. This is a hundred billion dollar transaction and the Clintons are up to their eyes in it. The Russian collusion fraud was simply their legal defense strategy and the media was happy to play along as they only want to promote Marxism in America making Trump a target to hate and give them a moral purpose.

Now the investigation is over and proven there was no Russian coordination with the Trump campaign so can we now have her concession speech and the real inauguration of President Trump?

The 2016 election has now been confirmed and after $50 million and a band of Hillary lawyers found nothing while causing untold damage to our economy and country, the final count is validated so can she finally concede she lost.

Barring her concession of the election then Trump should declare victory and begin his office of President. His first measure should be to find out who was involved in this fraud and coup and follow the trail wherever it leads with mass arrests and firings.

The spying on a rival campaign is the largest scandal this country has ever faced and perhaps this is the biggest scandal in the history of the world in its sheer magnitude. This put the most powerful agencies of the most powerful country ever built against the opposition placing spies in their campaigns while spying on them and passing that information to the Clinton campaign.

Perhaps they should get credit by not going full Putin and not assassinating Trump or putting him in a Gulag, but short of that we have never seen anything approaching this level of abuse of power perhaps in histoir.

As the dominoes fall one by one and as was seen this week, there will be a cleansing of this country. How long will the corrupt media be able to ignore and excuse the spying on a campaign even if they were Repubs, their fingerprints are at the crime scene. They are just dirty cops in the attempted heist of the bank of America. This is the attempted stealing of an election which they claim to care about and then a coup on the most powerful position on the planet while they pretend it is not news.

The proof is surfacing as this week the CIA honey pot ‘Azra Turk’ was proved to be connected to spying on the campaign and that is the first real piece of evidence of a crime in three years. She is the first domino and her CIA or MI6 handler will be the second as this points directly to the dossier and then to the CIA/FBI. Once you are inside the halls of Justice then you are on Barr’s turf and the house of cards will begin to fall and lead to the three Heads and then to Hilary.

For anyone to attempt this they have to be as psychotic as humanly possible. To be so consumed by power and greed is an evil combination. They are claiming Trump is a Grifter even though he has turned down a multi-million dollar salary at Trump International and is making $1/yr as President while she was bribed $150 million from Uranium One while Secretary of State and that was probably a down payment with no telling what she really took in and President Trump is the corrupt one?

Clinton and her Moscow on the Potomac is going to be completely exposed. It is going to take the remaining six years but is critical for America. It is time to see what happens when Marxists centralize power and who they are really working for and how. The graft and corruption is going to be mind blowing as America is going to see palms being greased in and out of gummit throughout the Beltway. There will be articles and books written explaining exactly how the coup was being attempted and nearly succeeded. After it is completely done and the criminals convicted then Ronald Magnus’s City on the Hill will Shine once again.

Pray America is Wakening