Brayin Candy

Snow Biden and the Seven Diverse

For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. Luke 19:10 KJV

The fruit of the month is Biden; perhaps the most vanilla bean they could possibly choose and now the laugh-o-rama has begun. Can you feel the burn Bernie? They are throwing you away again like cash for clunkers to be junked into the Socialist lot in favor of someone who has all the losing of Hillary without the grace. Hey Joe, what did you know about spying and when did you know it?

The fake thrill was on full display on the View. The girls were in full worship mode as the made up cadaver went on their program and announced the new messiah was here for all to worship. You see less pancake batter at a Waffle House than you saw on Joe’s face as the eyes were full Al Jolson. They really did a good job on snow white Joe since he barely looked a day over 90. We haven’t seen this level of adoration since Beto or was it Buttgig or perhaps the porn lawyer, but anyway Joe is the real deal this time. Besides, when is the last time a VP lost an election other than Gore, Ford and LBJ.

You can cut the desperation with a knife as the media Groopies act like the last girl not asked to the Prom checks her phone every ten seconds waiting for Poindexter to finally call. Even Hollywierd has fully signed on to Slow Joe and his gaff machine. Like all good Dems he starts his campaign with a lie trying to pump the years old Charlottesville misreport that Trump supports the KKK by saying there are good people on both sides. There are good people on both sides and there are bad people on both sides like Anarchifa who is not a terrorist organization since they only beat up Trump supporters.

Now we know Joe has no ideas other than the PC clichés and bromides in search of an idea. Are you going to take us back to ISIS in control of the ME and a worldwide depression with terrorist attacks every month? Is that your plan Joe? Is he still going to sell the phony working man spiel while he tells us his day worked in the coal mines or whatever he needs to say to get the union vote? As long as we don’t see him swimming he can run whatever phony thing he needs to say to be Joe the working class guy.

Funny how #Metoo just disappeared overnight with Plugs Biden. After three years of outrage whenever a man would even look at a woman the wrong wearing their red outfits and hats, they are giving a big pass at Joe groping women and young girls. Imagine that? Once again they are proving the fact that Marxism is simply a religion and not a political or economic organization.

They are showing they are simply a cult that can manipulate itself whichever direction it needs to go. The basic tenants of the cult is you must be a good person to the earth and society. The earth worship is surrounded by the Green New Deal and the ending of oil and coal as the main energy source. They have their Fairy Tale sources of solar and wind which are far more expensive and less plentiful but in their minds is earth friendly which means everything.

Societal morality is their second tenant which says you are tolerant of everybody and everything except those who disagree with you. If they do disagree with your tolerance then they are a sinner who needs to be destroyed in the name of tolerance. Once you have people believing these two main commandments of the cult you have good little sheep who would hop onto a flight to Jonestown in a heartbeat in the name of the cult. This is where most of the Party members are right now and will not question anything inside the faith and will simply live their lives according to what they are told to believe such as worshiping weird Joe Biden.

The problem with a cult is you now have people being forced to make someone like Biden into a deity. He does not strike poses or look down his nose at the great unwashed like Barak was able to do, Joe just does not come across as god-like and will have problems with the believers. You could see that on the View as the priestesses were trying to prostrate themselves and he would never make any proclamations or give them truths to live by. It is hard to be godlike when you have a below average intelligence and Joe has maxed out his at Joe the average guy.

So now they have a problem in the cult, how do you anoint a person god when nobody is going to buy it? At least Harpy had the Clinton name which is an institution inside the Party, but Joe has always been nothing more than a back bencher who was chosen VP to give Barak gravitaus and then was put in the closet after the election. What is a believer to do?

So now what does the cult do? They are all in on Green New Deal and Social Justice that he is going to have to pick AOCrazy or Omar the Terrorist as his VP. He is an 80’s Dem who enjoyed the perks of the old school drunken debauchery DC, in a Transvestite Party. He may be the whitest stiffest man in America and going to tell all the Blacks he is one of them My Brooooother, can I get a high five? Can we start the dropout pool now and will anyone pick more than 2 months?

Oh how fun it would be to watch Donald filet him like a large mouth bass, but it probably won’t happen. It will most likely be Berniezuela since at least he is genuine which now plays. The comedy of Joe trying to be Barak will be worth the price of admission. We can’t wait for his explanation for his trip to China with his son on Air Force 2 and the billion dollar contract, no corruption there. Get some new batteries for your laughing bass wall mount.

Their problem is when you make your Party a religion you need cult leaders and there are very few who can play the part as a leader and a preacher. Religion is a double edged sword since you have cultists ready to drink the Kool-aid, but they need someone to worship and there are so few people who fit the bill. It will be a laugh riot watching Hardhat Joe trying to fill his role as he walks across a floor of marbles and roller skates blessing his parishioners.

Pray America turns to God