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D Day Remembered

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. Matthew 24:6

D-Day is so hard on the Democrats in America and a truly wonderful day for the rest of the country. They have to pretend they like the military even though they hate them for the crime of defending America, but they cannot attack the obvious heroes of the world. So like always they attack Trump with some other petty attack to alleviate the pain of supporting America.

To imagine these young boys gave their lives racing into a killing field of machine gun fire with some of the first wave receiving over 85% casualty rates. In the first groups when those ramps dropped the machine guns trained on the men inside and they were mowed down like a Kansas corn field. The insides of those landing craft were a slaughter house as the bullets came in at 450 rounds per minute focused inside the walls of the boat. Still they kept coming as later boats had men jumping over the sides as they saw what was happening only to drown from the ammo laden packs, but some made it to shore where the real killing machines were waiting.

D-Day may be the worst day of the year and the 75th Anniversary had to be hard on the America haters and their fellow mediots. They were hoping for the EU leaders to snub the President when he was actually received with open arms and you could see the Queen really enjoyed her time with him. You could see it was not faked as she knows more than anyone what a weak America means to the world. She welcomed him with open arms and acted like a school girl talking and giggling with a normal American President for a change who treated her with respect and dignity.

His speech at Normandy with the individual stories was one for the ages. It was measured and precise with a love for these men who are still left. They are pushing a hundred and nearly all of their comrades are in their graves. The story of the two brothers who survived D Day for their mother, although shot numerous times and a broken back while saving soldiers from the surf was what America is. The humility of these men who were left was as heroic as the original event. How many viewers can say they would have went into that machine gun nest knowing you had a 15% chance of surviving, yet they did for freedom back home.

His speech was given into a vacuum of strength and courage in the world; with an entire opposition using the full power of the state against him yet President Trump was flawless. He is the most articulate President of our lifetimes and certainly since Reagan, with an ability to own a stage with his love of our great country. These men know real from phony and he gave the real McCoy talking about the bravery and selflessness their generation possessed. These were young boys of 18-21 who volunteered to run onto that beach for America’s freedom. Not for a Super Bowl ring or a Hollywood contract, but for their farms and fields back home.

These men understood what the Minutemen of America’s Revolutionary war sacrificed and were not going to give that up for some crazy dictator in Germany. These boys heard the bloody stories of WWI and they were going to do their part to make sure that never happened again and did. They understood if they failed there would never be a Britain or America ever again and they waited for their names to be called to give their lives for that call.

So their sprinted onto that beach with the machine gun crossfire as well as the German cannons firing at point blank range for their distances killing thousands. On that day June 6, 1946 the heartbeats of freedom rang stronger than the war machine of a dictator trying to take over the world. These heroes made it across that 100 yards of sand and found some cover to begin fighting back. There was no stopping these young boys as they fought together for their friends and family back home. When they scaled the cliffs of Normandy and knocked out those cannon and machine gun bunkers they made their mark as America’s Greatest Generation.

Once they knocked out those guns and established a toe hold on the French coast the fighting was not over but the fate of the war was sealed. They fought their way to Paris in a month and went on to Berlin in some of the bloodiest fights in America’s histoir, but these boys could not be stopped and their heroism never faultered.

When asked what kept them going they over and over said they just wanted to go back home and have a family. They were not there for accolades and medals, they were there to make the world safe for their families and their families’ families and it is exactly what they did. They won the war to end all World Wars and nobody wants to face them again no matter how foolish the leader is.

President Trump captured their spirit the entire time he was in Europe. The pomp and ceremony was infectious as the world watched the two great allies continued a bond which has not broken. The somber tones at the hallowed ground was echoed in the speech acknowledging their heroics and sacrifice as many breathed their last breath of freedom for their families back home which was heard around the world. You could hear the words of Patton, Eisenhower, Bradley, Churchill and FDR in his speech echoing from the past.

Their voices are leaving us yet they cast a giant shadow across their Shining City as we remember the images of the struggles crossing that sacred beach. We feel the fear and hear their final cries to their mothers and fathers as they lie bleeding ten thousand miles from home as a young 18 year old and sit in awe of them. These boys represented all the soldiers, sailors and airmen who endured killing machines throughout the war and are a symbol for the sacrifice of a Generation who will not be repeated.

They make our sacrifices seem so minute in comparison. How do you compare stopping the most powerful countries in the world who want to enslave the entire planet to Global Warming? How do you even consider waiting for the ramp of a boat being dropped knowing the first five to ten rows will be killed vs homophobia or gender bias?

The good news is America still has these heroes blood running through its veins. Those cries on the Normandy beaches are still echoing and the sprint across the 100 yards of machine gun fire is still in its memory and their stories are being heard. Our fathers and grandfathers as boys fueled the Shining City on the Hill.

The group Forests for Oregon is recording their stories for future generations to remember America’s Greatest Generation as the latest one has been captured on You Tube so they will not be forgotten. Perhaps America can realize how precious and fragile freedom really is from their stories. You can go here to see the first installment of our WWII Vets and Holocaust Survivor series:

Pray for our Shining City on the Hill