Brayin Candy

The Seinfield Impeachment

And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.
Luke 1:30-33 KJV

The largest event of the week historically was the solid first agreement with the Chinese negotiators. It was not the Seinfeld Impeachment which the Three Pillars of Propaganda (Academia, media and DNC) were promoting, it was this agreement of trillions of dollars for these two powerful engines of the world.

The double nothing burger impeachment was touted as historic, when in reality it was the largest abuse of power by congress in our history. They did just what the framers of our country warned against which a congress could attempt to overstep its limited power to try to oust a duly elected President. No matter if those Dim Congressmen believe the President is impeachable the brilliance of the founders made it nearly impossible to succeed and, in this case, will be humiliated when it gets to the Sinate. There are going to be some serious phone meltdowns on Romney’s offices as well as every other wavering Repub.

How can you understate the size of the potential signing of a trade agreement between the two largest economies in the world? To have the Chinese tear down the tariff barriers is the largest event in the last forty years. They have been on favored country status for the entire time allowing them to have the most unfair advantage of nearly any country in the world and n ow they must play on the same field as America. This will make both countries stronger. Hope President Trump did not negotiate a Quid Pro Quo or Nazi will be having another Peach Fo Fi hearing.

This agreement is going to make hundreds of thousands of jobs as America is going to be able to sell its vast agriculture and raw materials to a growing Chinese economy. This is phenomenal news for the farmers as the Chinese have been stopping the export of US grains and livestock due to massive tariffs and regulations. Basically, to put anything together with China you had to have a relationship with a Communist Chinese importer who knows how to bribe all the officials and cities to bring imports across the docks. Most companies do not have the manpower to cross that hurdle and will not try.

With the new Trump tariffs and Chinese counter tariffs there has been a boycott on America goods as well as Chinese which has damaged both countries ability to trade. There have been many instances in the lumber industry the Chinese would take lumber from Canada but not the US because of the tariffs coming across the docks on American goods. This of course is being repeated throughout the different industries and especially agriculture, but it was a punishment which has brought the Chinese to the table.

Is it possible the Chinese are not only feeling the pain of the Trump tariffs, but they are watching the polls and seeing the likelihood of a second Trump term? Could it be the Impeachment Rocket has made it more likely the President will be who they have to Quid Pro Quo with for the next five years and decided to cut their losses? Could this entire Pelosi yelling at the moon caused the Chinese to throw up their hands and stop the trade war to feed their people? Could it be they see a massive payback from the people on the Communist Party like Britain and what they see in their own Hong Kong protests?

Very likely the Chinese seeing the worm is turning and
President Trump is doing the turning. With the innerweb there are people watching what is happening in America around the world. They are watching his rallies and listening to what he is saying about the swamp. They are seeing what is really happening under the surface and can see and smell the corruption in these massive bureaucracies.
They see the coup that was started on Trump during the election and on the day he took office. Now they see this latest abuse of power and are sickened by it in their own countries and are looking for their own Trumps.
Countries and swamps are being exposed which is why you have Hong Kong and Brexit. The Dims turned a close British election into a massive landslide. The overzealous Dems showed the entire world what power hungry politicians do when they are trying to overthrow the will of the people by using an innocent phone call into something it was not.

The world saw the Three Pillars of Communism in all its glory trying to Shang-hi an innocent man with a complete abuse of power. They saw that connection between the swamp and the power structure in Moscow on the Potomac and it was not pretty. Britain and China have been monitoring this and you saw some major movement the opposite direction as one moved with a vote and the other as a tyrannical dictator making even larger concessions. Both are unheard of as the Brits have the most Conservative parliament in 50 years and the Chinese did the unthinkable.

Pelosi’s Party may be high fiving and spiking the football behind closed doors, they are spiking it on the gallows trap doors. They have nooses around their necks and are mocking the crowds waiting for the inevitable. They may be laughing and pointing now but President Trump has his hands on the lever and the crowd is going to have the last laugh at their final impeachment dance. Imagine if they would have stood with the President on these trade deals rather than resisting him no matter how it would benefit the American worker?

Pray the World is Waking Up