Brayin Candy

Schiffe Coyote's ACME Rocket

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. Psalm 119:18 KJV

Watching these hearings is like seeing SchifforBrains playing chicken with a brick wall and him expecting the wall to swerve. At what point do you finally realize the wall does not get hurt and your Party needs to stop even if the donors want him to go pedal to the metal? Oh well, it could not happen to a bigger pile of Schiff.

So far you have three disgruntled employees who were canned for incompetence still thinking they know better than the President even while continuing their gorging at the trough. The key moments of this complete abuse of power were the only questions which mattered was, Was the President guilty of any crimes? The answer from all three was no, done and end of your self-indulgent Schiff House bore-O-Rama. Is this Schiffy’s attempt at starring in The Apprentice? If so, your fired Schiffhead.

President Donald J Trump must be laughing at these maroons as they continue to make fools of themselves. This was a weeklong infomercial on why you should reelect Trump for President. When even his enemies say he is innocent of any malfeasance to prove guilt and after three years of investigation what more does America need to see? The guy must be the most honest person it has had in the office for decades and maybe ever?

Imagine last night’s debriefing with Nazi Pelosi when her teeth hit the floor from screaming about this complete fiasco? “So SchiffBreath what did you prove this week to the American people that is in any way a crime of bribery? His transcript of the phone call looks normal and I am going out claiming bribery and extortion from that? I pray you have something next week or we are going to be served with dressing and cranberries in two weeks.”

If there ever was an example of what not to do this is it. These denizens of the swamp are used to playing by swamp rules and Trump is playing by Trump rules. He is a Master of Marketing and sales while they are masters of graft and corruption. They have been so sheltered by their adoring press they have never had to do anything buy make a list of clichés while the mediots would fawn and faint over their brilliance.

Now they are under their own spotlight and having to perform with extremely limited skills. Meanwhile the cameras shift to Trump speaking with the Turkish President while working to protect the Kurds as he pulls out of another never-ending war. The difference couldn’t be more clear to the American people. While the Communist Party is playing the ultimate game of chicken, the President is working to bring their boys home from a war we should have never been in.

So Scared Schiffless is having his fake trial bringing his witnesses in front of his inquisition claiming guilt without a single piece of evidence. Even with his hanging judge witnesses he has proved the President innocent of whatever charges he invented. This is the biggest abuse of justice this country has ever witnessed as one Party uses its majority as a weapon to remove a President without cause. Yet they claim they are being stewards of abuse while they are mired in it.

This SchiffStorm is a perfect example of why America threw the Trump grenade to DC. turned out it was nuclear.
They are witnessing the largest meltdown in its histoir while exposing Moscow on the Potomac. From the obvious bribery and laundering of those bribes by Hunter for Slow Joe Biden to the coup attempt by the FBI and CIA. There never has been a clearer reveal and now we are seeing how it is done overseas in a Shiffhole like the Ukraine. You can even see how that fake invasion by Russia was used to make Biden richer which is done by almost everyone in the Beltway.

Thank you DumbSchiff for your new reveal. You exposed the innocence of Trump with a list of incompetents which cannot be matched in the private world. To imagine this Harpy is teaching at prestigious Georgetown U is just icing on the corrupt cake. She didn’t even have to fake being Indian only say she worked for their messiah and she was instantly able to teach future ambassadors how to embarrass America. It is all revealed far better than Trump or Barr ever could.

There was no way the Repubs or Trump could expose this much corruption to the American people as Nazi and FullofSchiff has. These career bureaucrats show who and what they are and how they do not have the interest of America at heart only their own craven need for power. They are outraged at Trump’s America first and look down their noses at such a jingoistic philosophy when, it is brilliant. Imagine if everyone loved America warts and all to do whatever it took to make her even better for future generations? Who knows how far she could go or how many lives America could improve if she did not have the people in power do what was right for America rather than hating her?

What a Schiffy way to live their lives militarizing the House. To abuse your power with a false accusation and impeachment to affect the outcome of next year’s elections is a new low. You then take away the accused Right to counsel or ability to call witnesses and hold most of your so-called trial in your dungeon.
This is how Democratic Socialists like Stalin and Mao run their courts and elections not America. Those kids in Hong Kong are not going to concentration camps after a Schiffy trial with no lawyers to never be seen again, for Pelosi’s definition of justice. These Communist dictators have a lot in common and are being revealed completely. Lady Liberty’s Torch is exposing the entire DC cabal and for which we must thank stinky Schiff.

Pray America wakes up