Brayin Candy

Global Scamming

Sitting in the cold and rain you have to laugh at what a joke Global Scamming is. If it wasn’t destroying our Country it would be hysterical. Algore’s scam has made him million$$ while costing us Trillion$$. To believe that the earth is so small a half a degree increase in 20 years is enough to destroy it, takes a mountain of Faith. Just to believe there is an optimum temperature requires braindeath. To ignore the cycles of rain and sun is either ignorance or malfeasance. Considering the corruption w/in the Church of Science, you must applaud this fraud.

To believe the atheistic High Priests of Science, scientists; you have to ignore the most basic of earth science. If the earth warms there’s going to be heating of the oceans causing more evaporation. That evaporation is going to cause more clouds and rain which will cool the earth. There is no way the computer models these scientists devise can predict future rain or snow throughout the planet destroying their entire theory. This of course is never discussed by Algore and his band of thieves.

How are we supposed to find the exact temp of the earth?? Do they take it orally or what? Do they measure from space or do they have gauges spread throughout the World. Are they all reading an increase of a half degree or is that an average? To pretend you can accurately measure the temp of the planet is like believing in Frosty the Snowman. To pretend you can accurately measure the entire earth is horse hockey and honest scientists know that. This is nothing more than the latest scam to get research grants and political power.

Earth worship has always been a favorite of atheists in the communist movement. They’ve always been the Watermelon enviro-communists who were Green on the Outside Red on the Inside and this is their latest scam. They could care less about the Earth and only use it as a political tool to advance their commie cause. They know being for clean air and water is like being for puppies & kittens, who’s going to counter that. If you do you’re an evil polluter. So declare the debate over and reap the rewards.

Since when do you take a vote on science. Did they take a vote on if the earth is flat? There are cases where science is wrong and this is one. The fact Algore owns a private Jumbo jet should disqualify him from ever giving a lecture on this subject, yet he flies that gas burner to Norway to accept a $Million NoPeace Prize for Salesman of the Year. Even terrorist Arabfat got one for Peace, although his Resting in Peace does make the world more Peaceful?

Now those scientists who challenge global warming are being labeled as Heretics by the Church of Science. Any data which doesn’t march lockstep w/the cult of global warming will be discredited as being provided by those evil exploiters of Mommy Earth. This is how cults work, especially when they are challenged in their beliefs which can’t withstand questioning. Heretics are excommunicated from the Church of Science. The left sees global scamming as their ticket to the halls of power and will do whatever it takes to mislead public opinion. ABDNC is working overtime to manufacture this crisis. They know they can sell the poor Harp seal against the evil clubbers to turn America over to commies.

This is the same tool they have used for 50 years from overpopulation to the coming ice age to this. It is the same old brush w/a different color paint. It’s an amoral religion having no personal morality, only the ability to care. As they walk down their amoral path they become willing dupes for every environmental declaration their priests pronounce. You buy your morality by purchasing Green credits. Global Scamming is the latest doomsday edict and has gone farther than any of the past. It has the potential to destroy every economy throughout the world as leaders line up to Swallow the Hook.

 For a theory that is completely w/o proof, this one is a marketing scheme second to none. When you are able to fool a major share of the population on something dismissed by rain there should be no further discussion. Rather, these people have been able to ignore the most obvious weaknesses and propagandize it to frightening heights. If they win we will be enslaved.

Pray for W, McCuda and Our Troops