Brayin Candy

Trump needs to Tweet more

Teach me to do thy will; for thou art my God: thy spirit is good; lead me into the land of uprightness.
Psalm 143:10 KJV
We are hearing more and more from the Republican intelligentsia that President Trump has to tone down his rhetoric if he wants to win the election. These are the same strategists who advised Jeb and Romney on how to win elections. They are the same ones who are always toning down the Repub inflammatory discussions while getting hit by baseball bats from the Dems.

These civil cowards who run the Party need to take a look who won the last election and hitch their wagon onto his train and not the other way around. There are two axioms every Conservative candidate should understand. The first is you can either win ugly or lose graciously and the other is what everyone knows about elections is false.

When you have a media which is nothing more than a firing squad for the DNC you have to understand no matter what you say and how innocuous you say it you called a racist, sexist, homophobe in outrage. They did it to every Repub candidate since Goldwater and continue to do it to put the candidate on defense. The first words out of every candidates mouth when launching a campaign is, no I am not.

The media has made sure every campaign begins with; no I am not so they must spend most of the campaign proving they are not rather than discussing the issues. It is much easier to argue your moral failings than how doubling or tripling your gas prices will make your life better. If they can continue to say you are electing a cross between a KKK Dragoon and Hitler you are halfway home to winning an election which is what PravdABDNC does every election.

If you are voting for Hitler than you must be a Nazi which is what every person on the planet strives not to be. Never mind Hitler was a Socialist the media establishment brainwashes the people into believing he was a Capitalist. They also will never make the connection which says if you vote for a Communist you must be one since somehow Communism still has a bad connotation to a large percentage of Americans. They still cannot eliminate that embarrassing 200 million deaths caused by that failed form of gummit.

It is just so difficult for the elites in their neat little studios making their millions to get average workers to vote against their own livelihood. The media just cannot understand how these people are not willing to sacrifice their cars and homes for the good of society as they fly to their homes on Martha’s Vineyard. It just does not make sense to them how stubborn Americans are as they attend their Brie and Chablis parties.

The elites just don’t understand how these Deplorables can be so self centered and sacrifice a little pain with fifty dollar a gallon gas if it saves the world for the children who escaped the womb. After all doesn’t everyone make a couple million per year and willing to pay a little extra for gas, food and heat? It makes no sense that people are not willing to pay more to live as they look down from their ten million dollar condos in Manhattan.

What they won’t tell you is that gas and oil or as they vilify, fossil fuels skyrocketing in prices or as they propose eliminated will cause inflation the world has never seen. Just as Venezuela did when they took over the oil industry and rationed gas and hyper inflated the price it causes everything else to hyper inflate destroying the economy. This is how you actually have a thousand dollar loaf of bread in the morning and a two thousand dollar loaf in the evening. This is exactly what would happen here if their Green Raw Deal was ever instituted or fracking was stopped like they are all proposing.

No, Americans are too selfish according to the elite. They are just a bunch of rubes who have no ability to think for themselves who need the inner circle to think for them. So what if they lose their cars and homes they will make out just fine with the gummit helping them live their lives in their socialist Utopia.

Until the Repub elites realize there is no way to debate these people in a civil manner they will continue to lose elections. Sure, they can get on these shows to bash fellow racist, sexist, homophobes but they will get nowhere near the halls of power in the propaganda machine. So they have a choice to sell out or be called every name in the book like Trump is getting.

Donald Trump has figured it out and is leading the way. They are going to hate you anyway so you may as well give them a reason. He knows he will have to win ugly and is proceeding to do just that. If and when the rest of the Conservatives are willing to get their Patten Leathers muddy then he will lead by himself and save America from the Communist fate.

Pray America Wakes