Brayin Candy

The FBI's Coup

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (King James Version)

In spite of the Corporate Mediots, the coup is slowly being revealed thanks to Elon Musk and others. It was actually two rigged elections with the Federal Bureau of Insurrection being the orchestrators of mass indoctrination using their new media tools Facebook, Twitter, and iPhone apps. It is being revealed how the Clinton fake Russian dossier was fabricated by Russian and MI6 agents and was disseminated by the Dept of Justice through the heads of the FBI, CIA, and other alphabets throughout DC thanks to Comey, and Barak's DOJ then later with Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr.

Everyone overlooked Trump since the Establishment had chosen Hillary to defeat Jeb to continue the corruption train in Moscow on the Potomac. Jeb was the designated loser to keep Repubs in line pretending they were the Party of patriotism until King Kong Trump arrived leading the Tea Party parade and patriotism became a crime once again.

He was immediately vilified for his harsh rhetoric such as Lying Ted Cruz, Little Marco, Sleepy Jeb, humor always has to have an acorn of truth and The Don is a master of comedy being taught by the best. Of course Liberals have no sense of humor with their need for outrage. He went on to win the primary but the Establishmedia saw no danger in such a crass loudmouth being a threat to their Goddess. They were with Her.

Once the unthinkable happened and a billionaire outsider was made President panic overtook FBI Director Comey who doubled down after lying about the Hillary phone records and issued an all-points bulletin to impeach Trump and was of course assisted by the rest of the District of Corruption. There were thousands of Dachas, Teslas, and mistresses at stake if they failed. To imagine anyone more corrupt than Mueller investigating Trump is like the wolves voting on what’s for dinner in the hen house.

They then leaked or planted scandals throughout the media and web to keep him on defense protecting their pork palaces. Trump would hang up the phone with a world leader and the transcript was released nearly word for word to the press. It is hard to keep a secret when everyone up to your VP is leaking to their friends in hopes of destroying Trump.

The worldwide Communist cabal then doubled down and ran the largest mass psyops coup in the last forty years. Using fear, they motivated people to throw away their basic freedoms as well as their neighbors' by telling them they would surely die if they did not go under Martial Law and take an unproven mRNA shot which the gummit ordered people to lose their jobs if they refused. For millions of Americans, they were forced by the State and Federal gummits between getting a dangerous shot or losing their jobs, homes, and livelihoods.

The same people who burn down cities over a person’s right to an abortion or healthcare being a human right claim you do not have a right to what medical procedures are being used in your body. You no longer have a Right to your body by the people claim a woman’s Right to choose. You can choose to kill a baby but cannot choose what to put into your own body. Now people are dying by the thousands and the same coup is hiding it using the same tactics.

Some would claim this is hypocrisy and it is, however, hypocrisy is a personal moral which is outweighed by social morality. America now lives by Social Morals rather than personal morals. To be a good person now you do what is best for society rather what is moral personally. You live your life as a socially moral person which has you buy Tesla’s to save the planet or wear a mask or get the shot to protect your neighbors and society, when in reality all three are purely symbolic. This is why liberalism is so simple, emotion and symbolism are more important than the Bible’s Ten Commandments or living a Judeo-Christian lifestyle. You can lie, cheat, steal, leave your family, be an addict, but if you wear a mask while riding a bicycle, you are a very good person.

This is why hypocrisy is not an issue for liberals since it is a personal morality which is not as important as Societal morals. This is also why they are able to run a Resistance to Trump for four years but if you mention Biden stole the election you are an election denier in the next breath. Which brings it back to the coup which was facilitated by the shutdowns to damage Trump’s booming economy and relax election security which the Democrats took full advantage of and stole the election using the systems they use in CA, Chicago, Philly, and every other DNC hole. You find the never voters and vote for them in mass numbers.

The final piece of the coup was the Jan 6, Cheney's Chimps Committee. The texts show there was a massive hiding of the laptop and anything defending Trump against the most outrageous charges and we now know the two bombs found in front of the Dem and Repub HQs in DC were planted by the FBI to also damage Trump and his supporters. It is also pretty obvious Rey Epps was likely an FBI off budget organizer to get people to storm the Capitol and set the trap for Pelosi and her cronies to stop the challenge of electors. This coup covered every detail as is being revealed.

After a two-year Kangaroo Court we do not know the names of one person inside the room where Ashli Babbitt was shot. Who were the three police officers who left the glass windows unattended in front of obvious Antifa thugs? We know the video came from a BLM member. Why did Pelosi tell the National Guard to stand down during an event that nearly a million people attended in a high-tension event? She then orders the NG to lock it down the day after. Why did the Capitol Sargent of Arms resign weeks after the event without being interviewed?

What is going to be revealed is everything which happened that day as with the past two elections were choregraphed by the Democrats, FBI, and Pelosi to overthrow Trump. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is simple facts being revealed by Elon Musk and others who have gotten ahold of the documents proving this was a coup being run around the country and world using the greatest powers the world has ever assembled against its own people. This was and is the most sophisticated indoctrination structure reaching people through their own computers, phones, and TVs to brainwash them into believing they would die if they did not comply completely. You can see the remnants walking through the stores with their masks duly worn while believing Trump wants to take your freedoms.

This was and is a coup for the Presidency and both Houses of Congress. The one man who terrifies them more than any other on the planet is President Trump. They know he is an untouchable who they cannot blackmail and has stood up to everything they threw at him he had the ability to fight. For Conservatives you have two choices, win ugly or lose graciously.

His biggest mistakes were trusting people like Fauxi, Sessions, Barr, and Pence who are the swampiest of swamp creatures and played big parts of the coup. He needs to be reelected and bring in true outsiders who have no connection with DC to raze these buildings and salt the land beneath them.

A hundred years ago these people would be asked two questions, cigarette? Blindfold? Today they are given quarter million a year jobs with no chance of losing those jobs. The one thing they did not anticipate was a truth-seeker would buy one of their main communication and indoctrination outlets to let America know about their tactics and how widespread and systematic it is. How corrupt is it to give the FBI the censorship tools of the web?

Lady Liberty is stripped bare, and her torch is gone. Her Bible has been replaced with the book of Moral Relativism where coups are allowed if they are justified by getting rid of Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Nazis. Who cannot agree with ridding the world of Hitler, unless you believe Freedom of speech is the basic Right of every American.