Brayin Candy

Our Martyrs for Christ

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good. Psalm 14:1 (King James Version)

The American Communist Party no longer has any level it will not lower itself to. Whatever it takes to cling to power and destroy America is what they will do. To even consider the arrest of a President on phony charges is something which would not be done in the recent past for actual serious crimes, would not be considered however this crime organization sees no problem with breaking laws and traditions to steal another election. When you worship the deaths of babies and homosexual sex then everything else is relative.

This shows they are not above running a multi-year insurrection to remove a President from office if it means returning themselves to the power, they believe they deserve. They believe they are the more evolved and superior humans than those serfs building houses and driving trucks, they are the educated elites from the finest colleges and universities. They have PHD next to their names and are published or taught in the finest indoctrination factories in the world, so they believe they are entitled to lead their new version of America.

None of these elites have ever held a real job or signed the front of a paycheck, or have a clue how the real-world works, but they know all the theory and have given endless lectures of what it is like to work in the real world. The overeducated idjits would be fired the first day from a real job since most of them could not pour water out of a boot if you wrote the instructions on the heal. This regime is filled with Affirmative Action hires who have not had to earn anything and were praised for the silliest ideas ever presented.

What have they dismissed over the past week besides an out-of-control prosecutor who manipulated the laws to find a way to prosecute an out-of-date misdemeanor charging an ex-President for a routine payoff that happens thousand times a day in NYC. By the looks of it he did not even know it was paid since he hired a fix-it who paid it himself out of his own pocket like ever other potential lawsuit.

In addition, the Party of Death lived up to its name by celebrating the killing of six Christians of which three of them were nine years old, Hallie Scruggs, Evelyn Dieckhaus, and William Kinney. The Party which is always rioting over the killing of a drug addicted black thug has no sympathy for a group of Christians let alone innocent girls and boys because the mass killer was one of them, again. Seems they are always claiming White MAGAs are so violent yet the only case they have is the Trump protest which the only deaths were two MAGA women. If it does not support the Commie Corporate dogma, it goes straight to the cone of silence.

The last thing the cult wants to discuss is weather shooting people up with massive hormones to change their bodies and minds is a good idea. The girl who murdered the six Christians she targeted over their unwillingness to not only accept this sin but to celebrate and even sanctify it like her cult does.

She was and is a god to the National Socialist Party and is treated with godlike admiration for revolting from Christian morality. So, they pump her full of testosterone which is a very powerful hormone which is tough enough to control growing up as a man and impossible as an adult woman. It drove her insane making her want to kill people and did just like the male murderers around the world. God made it so men could protect women and the family and man is using it to destroy women.

The Satanic Death Cult has no morals or ethics and never will. They are a Communist Dictatorship which will kill or destroy whoever they have to so they can maintain power. They have to destroy President Trump since he is by far the biggest threat to them, they have had since Reagan. He built walls to stop their absolute power and destruction of America which Hillary was supposed to be a well-paid puppet for the Worldwide Communist Party and world domination. Trump not only said no, but his lifetime of marketing and negotiation beat them at their own game stopping them in their tracks.

When the Russian scam failed, they then invented the Covid-19 pandemic using fake statistics to make it look like there was a worldwide plague when in reality it was a bad flu which attacked your lungs. With early treatment and care with lots of vitamins and ivermectin there would have been no additional deaths or hospitalizations so they put together a horrible protocol to increase the deaths for the Death Party. This allowed them to relax the election laws in the Battleground states giving Biden a stolen election.

Until America realizes each and every one of them can be Trump or the murdered Head of School Katherine Koonce, substitute teacher Cynthia Peak, custodian Mike Hill or 9-years-olds: Hallie Scruggs, Evelyn Dieckhaus, and William Kinney they can and will be the next victim of this cult. They were martyred for the crime of not celebrating homosexuality and calling it a sin.

The Cult does not care about the dead unless they can use the pile into a soapbox to spew their agenda and change the subject. The subject is they are celebrating and encouraging homosexuality and transsexuality which has the highest levels of addictions, hopelessness, depression and suicide of any group in America. They are stirring the pot of some of the most mentally confused people and pushing for more killings of innocent people who dare to disagree with the cult’s power and abuse.

There is no low they will not go and no atrocity they will not commit to gain and maintain their power. The deaths from Cold-19 and the Experimental mRNA Gene Therapy tells you how many deaths they will accept as well as the 70 million dead babies they celebrate screams death cult which is who and what they are.

The cult may have the power, but it does not have forgiveness and Salvation. Only Jesus has forgiveness and he sets the morality and ethics to live your life by. He eliminates the hopelessness by giving you a purpose in your life to make this a better world one sinner at a time. Everyone is a sinner and nobody saints except given by the one true God, Jesus Christ. Only his sacrifice on the cross can give you a bridge to God through his Righteousness and mercy. It is so simple yet so hard to admit you are a failure.

He will save you from the cult and all of its emptiness and depression of never being good enough since everyone knows they are not. For this Easter walk away from the Death Cult and towards the faith of Jesus Christ who is the way the truth and the light. Turn away from evil and to the only sinless person to walk this planet. Ask Christ to save you from Satan's control and lead your life to a new horizon.

Pray for the families of the martyrs