Brayin Candy

An Empty Pantsuit

While everyone was saying how great a candidate Harpy Rob ‘em Clinton was, a funny thing happened on the way to the debatcle. She became as poor a candidate as we have seen since Nixon’s face melted. The Curtain of Oz was pulled back and we all saw an Empty Pantsuit when her questions were not completely scripted. Other than that Mrs Kennedy, how was the Parade??

This is the same woman who lectures President Bush on what a dumb cowboy he is, while she comes across as an arrogant fool. How dare someone ask a question which hasn’t been Push Polled and rehearsed to a plastic perfection. She nearly dodged the question with a slight of hand when Sen. Dodd stepped in and ruined it for her. In a rare moment of sanity he explained giving illegals driver’s licenses was a terrible idea. She tried to get on the bus cept Dodd points out she just stated the exact opposite, kicking her under the wheels. You could see her looking for an ashtray on his response. She then goes into an incoherent Gotcha routine as she plunged into a rhetorical free fall.

We saw the real Harpy and it never was a pretty sight. We not only saw she really isn’t quick on her feet, but now we know she isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Once her answers were challenged for their obfuscation, she was in a box she couldn’t escape. She became nervous as she sputtered nonsensical platitudes missing swing after swing. Since she sold herself as one of the smartest people in the World this becomes devastating to her cult. Everyone assumed she would be a continuation of slick Willie and turns out to be quite the opposite. Her "husband’ had the ability to lie with conviction while all she has uh uh uh, did she mention she was a woman?

What she did with her stumble was remove the cloak of invincibility. The Wicked Witch of NY thought she could hide behind the First Lady to President shield, then her obvious temper scorches her First Lady gown. She may be invincible against the mental dwarfs in the DNC anointing committee, but in an open debate against our candidates she will be a Hate filled commie hiding behind lies...again.

As bad as her answers were, her non-verbals were far worse. She was obviously flustered as her nerves wouldn’t allow her brain to function. She was expecting a free pass like the other debates and she was actually asked unrehearsed questions. Then you could see the anger billowing right below the surface. Good thing there were no Lamps on her podium or Dodd would have been the brightest bulb on the stage. You could bet that Bill was watching the monitors in disbelief with a mixture of disappointment and hysterical laughter at the rank amateur. She may be good at pulling all the levers behind the curtain, but she ain’t ready for the stage lights.

Her biggest disappointment had to be she had at least a dozen well written applause lines about how evil President Bush was, and nothing. One she set up with the deftness of a Blacksmith about taking a page out of the Bush play book but what we need to do is Throw the Book at him...and crickets. She tried this numerous times and nothing from nobody. Her timing is non-existent, if she even has a sense of humor which most power hungry dictators don’t possess. Kinda doubt Stalin or Mao did much Stand-up either?

Finally you have that voice. When she raises it to blackboard screech it makes the hair on your back stand up. Harpy’s screed becomes so pronounced to the uber wife lecture mode it makes you want to keep an ice pick handy to jab into your ears. Her screech is a cross between Mrs Cravats and Edith Bunker. How can anybody imagine listening to that for 4 years at the State of the Union??

So the Clinton Chinese Mafia War Room and their DNC establishment will tell us how she actually won that debate and have brought out the Pretty in Pink Skirt, but anyone who watched with their own burning eyes, knows she turned Kookcinch into Lincoln/Douglas. It will come down to whether the Establishment wants to risk having her exposed by Rudy/Fred or Mitt as the Empty Pantsuit she is. The Rats have had more than enough algore/Yaaawn Kerry performances in the past 30 years. Do they want another Train Wreck with her Baggage Car derailed on the side of track 08. Let’s hope they do, so we can finish the Clinton Crime Machine once and for all.

Pray for W and Our Victorious Troops