Brayin Candy

Dirty Di Fi

While Nazi Pelosi and the DNC are outraged at terrorists getting warm lemonade and corporate jet trips by CEO’s or excessive greed by Bankers, they are stealing 10s of $Millions right under our noses. While they throw the ol

Bush is Hitler bone to their kook lefties, they are robbing us blind. When President Bush entered the WH w/clinton’s Impeachment/Monica fresh on everyone’s mind, W never brought him up or went after him even though many wanted him to. He knew there were more important things than satisfying a fringe group who wanted blood since he needed to get this Country out of the clinton recession. He foolishly wanted to bring a new attitude to DC, Ohbummer wants America divided. President Bush didn’t need to hide his and his Party’s corruption/incompetence. Don’t fall for the torture distractions; throw Cheney in that Briar Patch of protecting terrorists rather than Americans.

Thanks to ABCorrupt news we have the foxes raiding the hen house w/the Guard Dog covered in blood and feathers. The District of Corruption has become so dirty if you don’t steal $50 Million you’re second rate. Looks like the real gold mines are in the Capital when it comes to fraud. The latest of course is DiFi getting caught w/her cloven hoof in the jar. When you work for a gummit that is your cash machine and has no rules, there is just far too much temptation for the below average crook.

Nazi Pelozi is the perfect example how corruption works in DC. The politician uses their family to launder the bribes. They make sure their spouse has some business connected some way w/the gummit. Like Dasshole having a wife who was conveniently a lobbyist, in Peloser’s case her husband is in gummit real estate and then she pushes sweetheart deals through his business w/gummit contracts. She also owns vineyards she can overcharge wine makers in exchange for zoning favors etc. This has made her $100 Million so far which is about to get Porkulated. Add to her son conveniently working for Countrywide Mortgage and InfoUSA for around 500K and you have the family fraud.

When the gummit turned the Presidio Army Base over to private ownership she formed the Presidio Trust and was able to skim millions from it through her husband’s business. Unlike the clinton’ "marriage" where they have separate girlfriends; there is no difference between his money and hers, its Nancy’s. They go into the same pot; it just gives the appearance of separation for congress purposes.

The Trust not only has developed the exclusive Presidio industrial park, but received the transfer of Treasure Island and Hunters Point Naval Yard as well. These represent some of the most valuable and scenic bay front properties in SF. The development of just the Presidio hospital to Condos represents over a Million per year to the Trust for doing nothing. This ironically was handled by Steve Ratner (Ellen Ratner’s brother) who owns the Empire State building. Throw in her nephew Mayor Newsome and you have a very incestuous SFamily mafia. Hope none of those family members become blackmailed.

Last week’s post was far too naive to only imagine that she would steal from one piece of land in SF when she is actually stealing from three gummit properties. Now we have her fellow congresscritters Diane Feinkenstein who is up to her eyeballs in Graft. After having spending a career sending gummit contracts to her husband’s defense contractor business she has gotten a bit out of hand by sending over a Billion in Porkulus money. Guess we can call her and Pelosi the Billion $$ sisters. Looks like Greed grows very well in SF as well as Wall St yet only Wall St gets scapegoated.

Feinkenstein’s husband develops military bases like the ones he built in Iraq and throughout the world. His defense contractors overpay for work in the bases and she gives them other contracts through her committees. Nobody can trace it but it has made her a very wealthy woman. DiFi has been laundering money through his businesses for years in the tune of Billion$ through No Compete bidding. You know, the type of bidding Halliburton was run out of the Country for? She has been directing defense funds directly to her husband’s business to the tune of increasing her net worth in one year from 30 million to 40 million. Gulfstream liberals always cry for sacrifice from everyone except themselves. She has now been caught red handed and no action will be taken so they can investigate waterboarding a poor widdle terrorist who wanted to kill 10,000 Americans.

We all remember how outraged the obamedia was about Cheney once working for Halliburton and the no bid contracts they were receiving. Now no curiosity in the least? Since she was once a Mayor of SF and Nazi Pelosi was a councilman, it appears San Fagcisco may have a claim to the most corrupt machine in America. Now we know Chicago, Philly and NY will have an objection to the title; these levels of Graft are hard to dispute. What Party runs all those cities and now the Country??

PravdABDNC were all incensed about Gov Palin’s so called Bridge to Nowhere or buying some dresses, apparently have no interest in real Graft. The Establishmedia doesn’t have a problem w/a Bridge to Feinstein’s bank acct. Our ever vigilant press corpse is too incensed we were threatening to torture prisoners’ days after 911 they just don’t have time to look into fellow corrupt Democrats and never will. If she were a Repub she would be as nervous as a Suicide Bomber in a School Bus, rather she can sleep easy. Just look how Cunningham, Stevens and DeLay were run out on far less charges. An honest reporter is as rare as a Conservative Movie winning an Academy Award in HomoWood anymore. The one good thing which has come from these two Democrooks attempted theft of a couple hundred Million. It destroys the myth that women are more honest than men.

Pray for America and Our Troops