Brayin Candy

Sinator InSain Picks Lettuce

Senator InSane once again proves why he does not have the mental temperament to be a Senator let alone President of the United States. The Stone-age Press’ Chosen One speaking in front of a friendly crowd of Union Thugs and manages to insult everybody in the Country. Even those who support a Guest Worker Program were insulted when he said we would not pick lettuce in the Zona sun for $50/hour. As insulting as that was, he once again proved that he is a hothead that has absolutely no control of his temper. If a simple question from a union guy is going to set him off, how is he going to deal with bloodthirsty terrorists or the White House press corpse?

The only reason InSane is loved by PravdABDNC because he so regularly knifes Republicans in the back by siding with the Dims. His Campaign Finance deform was their crowning moment. They will overlook his voting for tax cuts and being Prolife as long as they can count on him to side with them on everything else. His bashing Bush and the Religious Right in the 2000 election will forever put him in their gratitude. They liked his so called "Straight Talk Express" even while he was speaking out both sides of his mouth. Add to that and his supposedly dirty tactics charges towards Bush and he was instantly their darling. Fact is in that election the only people that were voting for him were swimming Rats trying to stop W for algore. Yet, he acts as if he is the anointed one for this election.

What InSane is finding out is that it is pretty tough to win the nomination without the base. A week after he tries to make nice to Jerry Falwell to make up for his uncalled for attacks, he goes to the Socialist Union Membership and tries to have a dialogue about immigration. How in the world does he manage to muff a talk amongst the AFL-CIO Inner Circle about a bill written by Drunk Uncle Ted and himself? That should be a no brainer if he acknowledges their right to complain but no he has to have a slap down. How stupid do you have to be to do that?

What happened is that during the question and answer someone questioned the lame argument that there were jobs Americans "won’t" do. Whoever thought up that argument should be deported. It is not that we will not do them it is that we cannot afford to work at those wages anymore. Most of us have migrated out of those jobs into more highly skilled and paid than the Manuel Labor and pay those jobs represent. Rather than simply stating those facts he makes some silly argument that Americans are too lazy to do those jobs at any wage which is untrue. Heck, if I didn’t have to take a pay cut I would pick lettuce for $50/hour or shovel manure or both.

In five minutes he murdered all of those InSaniacs that he had working for him last time. He is going to get the favorable treatment from the Dinosaur Press however, he can expect the cold shoulder from his target groups like Republicans. In the end he will likely come up with some sort of gimmick campaign with Liberman or some other trick his adoring Stone-agers will go ga-ga over. He has been on the wrong side of the Party for so long that he doesn’t even realize that these $50/hr insults only remind us why we don’t like him. When you peel away the Press Veneer he is about as disirable as a hemorrhoid on a bronc rider. He has all conviction of BJ w/o the convictions. If a simple question will make him blow his stack, what will happen when the South shoves the Straight Talk II off the cliff; again.

To take on the second guessing that goes with the turf you have to laugh most criticism off or just not pay attention. Ensign InSane has been a senator for so long that he wants to reach consensus on everything. Add to the fact that he has enjoyed being the Old York Slate’s darling for so many years he has to check with them before he goes out on a Conservative limb. He cannot afford to bite the hand that preens him and doesn’t. So he authors these liberal bills with Crazy Uncle Ted which he compromises his beliefs hoping to pass a bill with his name even if it is as bad as Campaign Finance to look Presidential. Then when he has to defend this sausage he can’t because even he doesn’t support legalizing everybody and blows a gasket. This is not the kind of guy you want with his finger on the trigger and most voters know it. Just what we need, an angry, bitter little President who cannot control his temper. Sorry, I’ll take who is EyeCondi Rice for $1000 Alex.

Pray for W and Our Freedom Fighters