Brayin Candy

Tea Parties

PravdABDNC is doing their primary job as the propaganda arm of the obama regime. They have to dismiss the grass roots Tea Parties as a Right Wing movement for fear that Americans will understand there is a real uprising.

The last thing the Establishmedia can afford is for America realizes Hope and Change is really a new cliché for the old Tax and Waste. The fact is this is not a partisan movement but hard working Americans tired of the District of Corruption. This is a spontaneous revolt at the corruption that has permeated our gummit which is going to make us all slaves to their tax man.

The latest spin the obamedia is using to excuse them from not calling revolt news is it is being organized by Conservative organizations, Messiah forbid. Never mind they seemed to think every Jesse Jackmail rent a mob under the sun on their side of the spectrum is front page news, these are not. They will ignore the fact there are protests happening from the very people who make this Country work and hate protesting, this just isn’t news. Guess we are just going to be too peaceful to rise to the level of their interest. Perhaps they can show pictures of the people dropping off their returns at the PO to wow their viewers.

The Establishment DNC spokesmedia is the most corrupt press ever to walk this planet and have no clue what these Tea Parties are about. We are people who see Black Ocastro turning this Country into a communist tyranny and don’t like it. Of course the leftist media wants it even if it means the elimination of a free press, they figure nothing will change from their view and they are correct. There will be no change in the slant, only salaries. They are already a mouthpiece for communism and always have been. The rest of us know this gummit will enslave us to 70% tax rates and an end to the freedoms we have enjoyed. We understand when you ax the gummit to give you something; you have to give up part of your freedom for gummit control. When they give you Healthcare, you give up your freedom to choose which we don’t want or the taxes raised w/free KatrinaCare.

We are having the Tea Parties to protest taxing our kids to an oppressive form of gummit w/no chance of economic advancement outside the Party. Unlike the elites in the Inner Circle who have gotten rich from Graft and Corruption the rest of us have to cling to the idea of the America Dream. We want to work hard and become wealthy through our ingenuity and creativity. We are watching that opportunity disappear behind an oppressive gummit/tax burden. We don’t see evil in wealth; rather we see success and jobs.

We are having Tea Parties to protest the stealing of money from the people who play by the rules and pay our bills to be given to those who are lazy and don’t pay theirs. We all have friends and family who are deadbeats, don’t understand why the gummit has to take money from us to give to them. We don’t understand why people we didn’t vote for are going to steal our income to waste on people who have no business wasting our money. We are protesting the fact they are taking our income to waste on Bridges & Trains to Nowhere. We are protesting a gummit which is completely corrupt, stealing our hard earned money to give to ACORN or whichever hog earmark that returns the most Graft. We see a gummit we can’t trust or believe in. We are tired of working for people who are only interested in their own Swiss Bank Accts. We are standing up to tyranny.

No there is no news here for PravdABDNC. Reporting would require them to be on the side of Americans rather than their Inner Circle. They would rather enjoy the fruits of their own corruption and pretend this revolt isn’t happening. The last thing PravdABC wants to do is to upset the apple cart, they have their careers to worry about. None of these Pompadour Princes can afford to not be on the 8:45 phone call from the WH for their propaganda strategy session. After all, how can they get advancement or a Poop Prize if they aren’t in the conference call? The last thing a $Million DNC press reader can afford is to report both sides of a story for fear of being called FOX news. We are protesting a corrupt press as well. We are the enemies of the press, simple Americans. After all, why should PravdABC report both sides of the story, if ignorant Americans don’t like what you report they can just turn you off? One lump or two?

Pray for America, Our Troops and the Tea Parties