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Evolution and Global Warming vs God 

For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

Evolution and Global Warming takes far more faith to believe than believing in God and creation. It may take a step of faith to believe in God or Jesus Christ, but the amount of blind obedience to follow such unfathomable explanations with absolutely no verification is a leap across the Pacific Ocean. To fundamentally believe animals came from fish and then those animals became man with no proof of transitory species is either blind obedience or willful ignorance. Then to take it one step further and to religiously believe that man can cause the earth to warm when by all accounts it is becoming colder makes that leap across the ocean a baby step.

Just like we have seen with institutions like Hollywierd, when they become political their product goes into the toilet, the same has happened to science. When politics touches anything it becomes corrupted and no longer is of value. There is no scientific structure in evolution it has become a method of promoting an agenda which is a Godless society. These scientists and indoctrinators no longer question the gaps in the theory and blindly promote it as fact. The giant question they have no answer for, since there had to be a million or more evolutions of species from ape to man, where they are. The same can be said for evolving from dog to horse or lizard to dog and they have yet to find a single example.

Evolution is an antiquated theory from an agrarian society that noticed every species had similar characteristics so they must be related. Not only were they related, sincefarmers could breed superior varieties of farm animals they theorized this must have happened over a larger scale claiming that man came from amoebas. These 19th century scientists saw that there were both male and female in every species so this is how the evolution took place through birth and evolving mutations. This was their attempt to explain away God and prove a theory of how man came about without a creator.

The more you look at this theory the more it falls apart and points to God rather than away from him. There is a far better theory that God made all of his creatures both male and female so they could reproduce and perpetuate their species. The sexes show the grand design and miraculous complexity of God rather than disproving him. If science truly were to examine itself and evolution with as much vigor as it does attempting to disprove the Bible, they would find a provable creation that has not evolved since the beginning of time and is truly miraculous. If they were truly honest they would show that the species are all connected in a design that could only be explained by God.

If this devolution theory is true, then all of those farm animals are related and the sexes are their commonality rather than their difference. If that is the case then God made akaleidoscope of creatures that all fit together in the most intricate web that could be created. Everything works together in perfect harmony just as the creator designed and is perfection just like he is. If his animals are in harmony it is because God made a perfect world in the perfect location in space. Not some Big Bang where something came from nothing from billions of light years away to end up in the exact orbit around the exact star traveling the perfect speed to sustain the right temperature and oxygen mix. No matter how many billions of tries you get at that choreography it is never going to happen. Then on that perfect planet orbiting the perfect star you have an amoeba evolve itself to man, Right!

The even more ridiculous theory is the one algore and Ken Lay of Enron fame invented which is Global Warming. They had lost a fortune gambling that the Acid Rain fraud would make their natural gas stocks increase and when acid rain was found to not exist at all, they needed a new tool. This hoax has less documented proof than evolution and was promoted and maintained using the same tactics. They manipulated the data to make it fit the theory and then ignored anything which would disprove their man causation model. These were political activist “scientists” who wanted to stop capitalism so they believed the ends justified the manipulating the data to fit their theory.

These scientists ignored the effects of the sun as well as the energy capturing ocean and cloud cycles as well as every other obvious climate factor and focused on CO2. The politicians and investors liked it since it was a way to tax or profit on air as well as outlawing lower cost energy such as coal and gas and forcing higher less efficient resources like wind and solar to shackle industry. Once the politicians and academia as well as media reached consensus on this fraud they were able to promote it and evolve it into an agenda to manipulate the people into their belief. Heretics are called deniers and the masses are controlled into conformity. There is no scientific process and only a political agenda promoting this fundamentally and enslaving the people into their dictates.

In the end these two sciences are nothing but politics to manipulate people using 19th century theories for 21st century control. To believe these two theories you have to have a faith far beyond a simple religion. You have to cover your eyes and ears and continue repeating that Darwinism works and so does Global Warming. It is far easier and logical to have faith in a God who created everything and put this earth in a perfect rotation at the exact spot in space it would work. That he made every creature and man as a gift to man to see his perfection and strive to understand it. He made all of these creatures male and female in his miraculous perfection and the more we begin to understand his creation the more we can understand his perfect love and wisdom. We can then begin to understand why he created a heaven and hell to represent good and evil. These are concepts and science we can never fully comprehend or understand, but it makes far more sense than evolution and accidental occurrences to explain why we exist. It makes far more sense that God created us to exist with him rather than without. Understanding that takes an evolution of man.

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The Cult of Marxism in America 

O love the Lord all ye hes saints: preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer. Psalms 31:23

We are soon going to see the second big hit on the economy in the next two years as we will have another manmade spike in our energy costs. These will be directly caused by ignorance and hatred towards the American way of life. The Marxists know the best way to short circuit an economy is to take out the foundation which is low cost energy. The Obama regime and the Three Pillars have found a way to destroy the low priced and plentiful energy we have enjoyed by making that low cost energy immoral.

So how do you make energy immoral and why would they do that? The Democrat Party has accomplished it using a two pronged attack to make people both abide by the fraudulent laws and have their followers demand it. They have systematically attacked every form of energy using the Three Pillars of Propaganda (media, academia and the DNC) to convince people that energy is a poison and hazardous to their health. Whether it is nuclear, coal, oil or gas they have convinced the public that they should demand the end of the evil energy source of the day. Enough of them are convinced that they either accept or demand their own lifeblood to success and freedom is strangled.

The other tactic they have found effective to their followers is to claim it is harmful to the earth. Most devout Marxists are atheists who are too proud to worship God yet they are happy to worship the dirt and are easily convinced that only a godlike gummit can protect the earth from evil man. This is a completely false idea, but it has been so ingrained into the American psyche that they just accept it without questioning. They have figured out a way for Americans to strangle themselves to death and feel good doing it through religious belief.

One of the major purposes of Darwinism was to both disprove God but to make people believe that the earth created man. This gives the earth a godlike fertility as well as a living entity which lets liberals believe they have a personal relationship with the earth. Even though the earth is dead and the living creatures use the resources in a symbiotic relationship, there is no life in the earth only dirt, water and magma, no living form. They believe that everything from rocks to water to trees all have spiritual life which is eastern mysticism allowing them to turn earth into a god for worship.

Once you have the people believing the eart and nature are gods then you can invent every crazy theory as a method of worship. Their beliefs no longer have to be supported by truth or facts, they can simply be beliefs issued by cult priests such as Global Warming or even less defined Climate Change and your people will be good parishioners who follow their spiritual leaders faithfully without questioning. Once you have people following your religion without the true God you have them just as Bob Jones or Hitler did, worshiping man. People are willing to destroy themselves through an atheistic cult like earth worship.

This is where we are now after seventy years of Darwinism and ecological worship we have a large percentage of our nation believing that man is a danger to their dirt god. They will now do anything the manipulators want and are preparing them for their own demise in the guise of protecting their gods. People who believe the cult give themselves a spiritual high if they faithfully follow whatever the Three Pillars declare a sanctified belief. One of the most powerful beliefs is that man is damaging the earth and protecting the earth from man is a path towards sainthood. Many of these fanatics who worship this belief will not only take their own vow of poverty, but will force everyone else to suffer as well. This is why people like algore and other fundamental worshipers sound so sanctimonious when they preach their religion. They believe they are more saintly then others because they are care more about the earth than the destroyers.

Once they take this belief to a national level using the Three Pillars it becomes a false truth and people will do whatever it takes to become a sainted person. They will buy miniature cars and demand the end of plentiful refined petroleum products and coal in the belief it damages the earth. They will demand their own poverty as well as everyone else’s to reach a spiritual nirvana from their cult worship. This is how the Democrat Party and its surrogates have learned to manipulate their followers to take a vow of poverty and ensure their votes into the future.

What they have accomplished is a way to make people to stop striving for greatness and improvement of their economic fortunes. Those economic opportunities require abundant and affordable sources of energy. The basic building block of an economy is energy and they are making that building block morally unacceptable. There are no economically valid substitutes so America is being forced to survive without a sustainable energy source. This leads directly to higher expenses for industry forcing those companies to relocate or go bankrupt and forcing millions onto the unemployment rolls. This is a major reason this country has Great Depression era unemployment levels.

The reason Marxists use earth worship to force people to destroy their own economic lives is they cannot win the arguments on the merits. They cannot show why people cannot use coal, oil or nuclear with economic or real health reasons so they have to use a mythical argument to win the day. There are no actual facts why you cannot drive cars and drill for oil as a basic transportation method. It is the most efficient way to get from one point to another and the easiest resource to convert from a raw material into a usable fuel on the planet. It is easily transportable and as perfect a source of energy as we have and if fully developed an economic bonanza. They cannot counter any of these arguments so they have to invent a religion which will not allow it and manipulate the people into believing it is a sin fundamentally to force them out of their cars and jobs so they can have absolute control. This is the basic goal of Marxism and how the Three Pillars are accomplishing it.

Pray America Wakes Up

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